Original or Extra Crispy

Sometimes, I feel a little off-balance.  It's hard to explain, but it's just - something isn't quite right.  It's like my teeth are too tight, or all the angles are too sharp, or every sound is 10x louder than it should be, my hair is heavy, and things smell funny.

I'm sure it's all body chemistry, which ties in to sleep, exercise, nutrition... all of that.  And I know it will pass - within the day, usually - but while it's happening,  I basically feel a little nuts.

Now, I'm not saying the Presidential debate was a contributing factor, but it surely was disorienting.  I felt sick through most of it.  And the thing that stands out to me, is that there's more to come - and that one of them is even a few blocks from the house.  Really - it's at Belmont.  In 21 days, I believe.

There you have it - the Google Map says it's a 7 minute walk.  It is quicker for me to get to the Emergency Vet, as you can see - but let's hope it doesn't come to that.

So, yeah - things just feel a little off.  I'm sure the change of season plays into it - which, you know - I love fall.  I love October.  It's my birth month, it's Halloween - although, that's going to be a different version of normal this year.  And it's when we start to pull out long sleeves and... heaven forfend - real shoes.  Ugh.  I'll probably spend most of fall and winter in my bedroom slippers.  They're hard soled, look enough like shoes that I wore them to Kroger...once.  I have standards, dammit.

So, really - the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement have passed - I usually find that to be a good start to whatever's next.  I should probably embrace that, and ride that monorail out of my funk.

Monorail!  Monorail Mono----'doh!

Not surprisingly, when I get into this funk, my brain is like - hey - just toss us some carbs and we're good.  Got any pasta?  A loaf of bread?  Some Twinkies?  None of this is what my body wants.  My body is screaming, "I just need some water!  And some soup, maybe.  Do you have something light?  Not too salty?  Maybe just a piece of fruit and some diet ginger ale?

So, that's where I am.  Where are you?