So, we're at the end of August, which is just kind of astonishing.  This has been the longest year of my life, and we still have four more months of it.  And honestly, it's not like everything magically corrects itself January 1, 2021.

It's about resiliency, and I'm learning that although I've always been able to roll with the punches, bounce back, pull myself up by my bootstraps, etc.,  there are limits.  

Obviously, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. Enough of that!

So, this weekend was pretty chill.  Did some grocery shopping, took Piper to the dog wash and got her good and clean.  That was the best.  Nothing like convenience!  She smells good and looks so fluffed up.  

I saw my friend Jim - we ate healthy salads for lunch and caught up.

It's the new normal, I guess.

One of my cousins had her baby last week, and another (her older sister) is pregnant with her second.  We just learned she is going to give him my (and her Grandmother's) maiden name as a first name. Reminds me of a McSweeney's piece I read once - state Latin Mottoes.  The one for GA translated as, "Our mother's last names are our daughters first names."  Valid.

It rules out ever using my maiden name for a dog - because parents don't love it when their child shares a name with your animal - doesn't matter how cute the animal is.  I did tell mom once I'd name a dog after her.  She was cool with that.  But then - dog lover.

Today, we had the VP of Diversity and Inclusion speak at our weekly staff meeting - he was dynamic, charming, interesting and informative.  He said something that kind of struck me.  We are going to have a post-quarantine workplace.  But we're also going to have a post-Covid workplace as well.  I never thought of it as such, but it's totally true.

Meanwhile, we divert ourselves as best we can.  We have hockey, games, cooking...

Tonight, I will be making beef stroganoff for Matt.  I will keep some noodles out and eat them plain with a burger patty.  Here's the thing - I can't do mushrooms, but who am I to withhold stroganoff because I have texture issues?


Honestly - that's it - that is all I have for August.  Let's see what comes of September.