See What's Become

Yesterday, I had to go to the ladyparts doctor for a repeat test.  Once I get two normals in a row, I can stop getting them every six month.  That should happen...never.  I'd be stunned.  I appreciate their vigilence, but damn I hate going there.  It just triggers my "act like an asshole" defense mechanism, even though I warn myself to behave every time I go.  The fact that it is at the hospital makes me even more anxious.  I hate the way hospitals smell.  

Anyway, results forthcoming.  Spoiler alert - irregular!  

I also got a haircut.  I love my stylist.  She is a delightful young woman who loves hockey and liberal politics as much as I do.

I also like that she likes curly hair and seems to know what she's doing with it.  Never once has she suggested I straighten the kink or color the gray.  So, she gets me.  And yesterday, when I was complaining about it getting in my face, she suggested bangs.

I said, you know - if we're going to experiment, now's the time.  I don't have to be around people en masse again for awhile.  And she countered that my hair grows crazy fast.  But more than that - I trust her aesthetic and her judgment.  So...

Ok, admittedly I look a little disheveled, but I freaking love my new hair!!!!

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.

Also - of the salon and the doc's office - guess which one had more precautions in place?

Hint, it's the one that gave me this cute haircut, and not the one who asked me to strip from the waist down.

That's all I have for today.



Christopher said…
I like the 'do, although I think the most important thing is that you like it. I always think of a King Of The Hill episode where LuAnn is taking her beauty school final and Hank is her model. The teacher starts listing all the things she did wrong but Hank says, "I like this haircut!" LuAnn passes because the important thing is that the customer is happy.