Pocket. Book.

I had to train today for the first time in a while.  And it was one of those kind of ass-kicking days where technology wouldn't cooperate, so I ended up doing a lot of talking. I talked so much, it hurt.  

I'm at a point in the whole pandemic thing where every sore throat, every cough, every sneeze, every feeling of fatigue is subject to diagnosing and analyzing.  

The thing is, I don't think I have it, and I'm starting to believe I won't get it.  I read somewhere online that folks with type O blood typically get it less frequently, and not as severely.  But then, I read a lot of things online.  

Genes, Blood Type Tied to Risk of Severe COVID-19 – NIH Director's ...
Gross, but now I really want Apple Jacks...

But you know, my mother isn't type O.  My husband and I both are.  I don't know about his family, but we have some immunocompromised members to be concerned for, so I wonder.

Today, though - I just talked too much without sipping water - it happens.  The thing is, I've missed talking.  On a typical day, I "chat" with people via text, instant message, email.  Talking isn't how we do it now.

I do talk to my mother, almost daily.  And Matt.  And the dog.  Mostly the dog, which basically means I'm talking to myself.  Piper never listens.  I took her to the vet the other day for x-rays and blood work - she's been limping.  It's an ACL injury - not a full tear - that she'll recover from if we can keep her still. Hahahahahahahahahaaa.  Yeah.  She's done pretty well, but yesterday, this sweet little black and white kitty that lives near here, somewhere, came up and sat at the top of the fence, where they taunted each other until I intervened and brought them inside.  Like you do.

The vet is serious about not getting covid.  They closed down for a day because a few folks in their practice had respiratory symptoms - nobody got sick or had the covid but I appreciate the decision.

I am thinking a lot about people and their decisions these days.  I know that a lot of folks are having to decide about what they're doing with their kids re: school.  And there are NCAA Football conferences deciding how to schedule their season.  And some of us are wondering how to navigate the holidays.  I have figured out our Christmas card - earliest decision on that ever.  

I also ordered Biden Harris magnets for my car.

Thankfully, I have work, politics and hockey to keep me occupied and entertained.  I need to read more, though.

This week marks my 15th wedding anniversary, as well as fifteen years in Nashville.  It's a big week.