There are two work anecdotes I'll share with you about sister-in-laws, and the way they bungle the English Language.

One colleague has a sister-in-law who asked her how to spell "mizewell".  My colleague said, "I'm not sure what you mean - use it in a sentence?"  Her sister in law said, "It's going to be cold, so you might as well bring a jacket."

The other is a different colleague who was reading his sister-in-law's Facebook feed about his brother, saying "Don't buy him any socks for Christmas - he already has draws full."

The second one, we morphed into Chester Draws - and that, along with mizewell, have entered into my work, and thereby, life lexicon pretty regularly.

So on Sunday, I was trying to put away laundry, and my chester draws were overflowing, so I decided I mizewell go through them and do some organizing.

I know our girl Marie Kondo would have a cat-fit if she saw my draws.  Any of them.  Every drawer in this house is a hot, overflowing mess.  I'm not proud of that.  And from time to time, I do something about it.

In this case, I emptied them out and started over.  Here's my own wisdom I can share with you.

I started with the top drawer -  socks, tights, and in previous iterations, scarves/bandanas.

Here's a secret - I lose socks.  I know we all do, but I'm a champ.  So when it comes to the sock drawer, I pair up every sock I can.  Within reason - now, some time ago, I bought a dozen pair of tube socks with then intention of wearing them to Zumba classes and looking cute. As it turned out, they were too thick and looked goofy, so now I wear them under boots in the fall/winter, or with Converse low tops and jeans.  Also fall/winter.  

The socks all had colorful stripey bands at the top - and while I still have some matching pairs - there are also some singles - so tube sock + tube sock = pair, irrespective of band color.

Once I'm left with nothing but singles, I pair up the "close enoughs"  If I have two single black socks that are fairly similar and one is a little higher than the other?  Match!  If I have two low cut no-show socks, and one is red and pink, the other one is sold blue?  Match!  

It's unorthodox, but if nobody is going to see my socks, then I'm going to play fast and loose with the rules.

The second draw is underwear, and in an effort to thin the herd, I tossed anything that had holes or where the elastic was failing.  It still left me with too much underwear.  When you are constantly behind in the process of washing/folding/putting away laundry, you don't realize how out of hand things have gotten.  Back when I was constantly traveling, I couldn't always reliably get laundry done from one trip to the next, so from time to time, I would buy underwear so that I could get through a week.  And that's in addition to the occasion frivolous pair acquired because they were cute/sexy/funny.  Those purchases are almost always a mistake.  My body wasn't made for boyshorts or lace, or lacy boyshorts.  To say nothing of thongs.

Anyway, I have way too much underwear, but there are worse problems to have.  So I filled up an entire drawer with well, drawers.  And a few shaper pieces.

Drawer #3 was all t-shirts.  And I got picky.  I got rid of a few because I never wear them, or they fit badly, or I don't like them.  The one or two that were stained and stretched beyond repair I tossed, but the rest are going to head to Goodwill.  

Drawer Four is shorts, and a few lesser t-shirts.  Come winter, I'll move pajamas and lounge clothes into the shorts space.  For now, my sleep and lounge wear reside in a pretty basket near my bed. 

Here's the thing, y'all - we are severely lacking in space.  No walk in closets.  Only one closet, period.  And our bedroom is tight as a tick.  So we do what we can, with what we have, with where we are.

But I got rid of a few t-shirts that don't spark joy, and and there are no holes in the draws in my draws.

When you have the time to make a positive change, you mizewell.


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