Absolutely not.

I think there's a misconception that life, in all its messiness, is a straight line journey.

I think there's a misconception that your progress will always maintain forward momentum.  

One step forward and two steps back - Remaking Law Firms

Here's the reality - life is messy.  People are messy.  People's lives are MESSY.

And that's totally fine.

None of that means that there is anything wrong with you, or your life.  Because you will have periods where things are clean and happy and easy - that's when everyone wants a slice of you.

You will have periods where everything is so bad that there will be rubbernecking, vulture types who want to get down in there with you, and dig around in it.  There might be a rescue crew.

It's that middle where things are messy for no real exciting or dramatic reason.  The people who are with you for that are the ones who you need to hold onto.

They aren't there for the euphoria of the highs, or the drama of the lows - they're there because they love and care about you.  And your messy life is just an extension of you.

What I'm saying is - be careful about who you trust with your messes.  

Just take care of yourself.   

That's what I'm saying.



Learnt from bitter experience to btrust *nobody* with my messes. Nobody.
Christopher said…
I've been baffled to find that people want a slice of me even when things aren't clean, happy, and easy for me, although it's probably because a bunch of people want a slice of me that my life is messy in the first place.