Frog Hair, Split Four Ways

Hey everybody. Anybody?

Anyway, I have been super slammed busy with work, and I haven't updated anything in ages.

The biggest news is that we aren't going back to the office now until September. I plan to try and drop a few pounds, get a tan, and get the house in shape. We shall see. Some rumblings and conjecture that we won't go back til 2021. I will cross that bridge in September.

All of that to say I am fine.  And I mean, I am FIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNEE.

I got all dolled up for a virtual game night last weekend.  Had not put on makeup since March. You can see the start of my tan on my chest. Yes, that is a sequin cocktail dress.

Anyway. More soon. Just wanted to tell you, I'm ok. You're ok, too. I think.



Christopher said…
I think I'm okay too, although I definitely need to get exercise. And it's weird to me that the place where I work is having a kind of soft reopening: there's a strict limit on how many people can go in and everyone is supposed to keep a diary of where they go anyone they come into contact with.
That alone is so much work I think the higher ups are happy that most of us continue to stay home.