Say What?

So, I decided to keep the shirt from my previous post.  I have succumbed to the sunk-cost fallacy, and I believe it would be more trouble in the age of Corona to return it, than it would be to keep and wear it.  I did leave a sternly worded review on the Belk website, though - to save others from the pain I have been caused.

Stick it to the man, y'all.  I actually wore the shirt for two video calls yesterday - it videos well.  So that is a bonus.

Piper has been a great girl, all week.  Yesterday she helped me finish off the last of the matzoh ball soup I made earlier in the week - no balls for her - just carrot, chicken and broth.  I need to stop feeding her between meals, but it was too much soup for me, but not enough to keep for another day.  That is the way the ball bounces.  Not the matzoh ball, though - they're precious.  

I had never made matzoh ball soup before the other day.  I either ate my father's or got it from Noshville.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome.  It's not fancy, but it doesn't have to be.

Soup is such a perfect food.  I love making salads and soups.  I love eating raw cookie dough.

I also believe that any sandwich someone makes for you is better than a sandwich you make for yourself.  There are a lot of foods like that.  Soups and salads, in fact.  Any time someone else fixes you a drink, it's better.  I don't know - it's science.  You can't really refute science.

We got paid today, so I paid off all my outstanding bills.  And there's still some left over.  Life is good. 

No big Memorial Day plans, though, you know I shaved my legs haphazardly, just in case.  There's no pool to go to, and even if there were, it's not likely to be open.  That's where we are at the moment.   I may have to get some sprinkler yard apparatus.  Or not.  This isn't the first pool-free summer of my life.

I sent a piece to McSweeney's yesterday.  I love it, which means they probably won't.  But it makes me laugh, so - you'll see it here if McSweeney's says no.

It's hard because with minimal contact to the outside world, I find myself short on things to say at the moment.

So to paraphrase my grandmother, "Let's let that be it."