So, we're now on Week Five of Working from Home.

This week, something completely different:

My husband is joining the in-home workforce.  His employer finally decided to close their building and send everyone home.  It's a challenge because he works in video production, and it's difficult to shoot a television show from home.

Not that it stopped the folks at Saturday Night Live this week.  An A for effort, but a D for the actual output.  I am not saying I could have done better, but I do know at least one guy who did, with the help of his girls, Olive and Mabel.

Beyond that, it's just another week of my outdoor office, Piper placating, cooking with weird ingredients, and bothering with hair, make-up and good bras even less than normal.  I did order a cute shirt from Loft.  Eventually, I'll have somewhere to wear it.  Some day.

So, one of the unexpected side effects of this sheltering in place, is that I have had some weird, weird dreams.  Many of them are about people from high school, or that I have to navigate a city I don't know, or that I have to train on old materials I haven't touched in years.  They're not entirely unpleasant, but they're not great, fun, exciting dreams either.  I can't remember the last time I woke myself up laughing. I do know I'm capable of it.  Of course, I haven't woken myself up screaming recently, either - so put that in the win column.

Last week, I saw a new bird.  Well, new to me, anyway. I'd seen it in books, and on baseball uniforms for years, but I finally saw a handful of Baltimore Orioles sitting on a power line the other day.  They were so bright orange, I thought I was hallucinating - and I had to look it up to be sure - I wondered at first if they were American Redstarts- I've seen those before, and that's way more unusual, all things considered. But the orange on the orioles was just breathtaking.

My mother reminded me that I would not have seen them if I wasn't sheltering in place. That is true. It is an orange feathered lining. Silver linings are so overdone.

My first "boyfriend" in 8th grade never wrote me notes, but he did when my grandmother died, and in it was a line about every cloud having "silver linens".  I remembered even then realizing I was smarter than him, in some ways.

Anyway.   Whatever color your linens, enjoy them!



Christopher said…
The weird dreams must be something going around. I thought it was just because we're typically eating dinner later in the evening, although we're also going to bed later.
Whatever the cause I'd definitely call the weird dreams a silver linen.