O to the K

So, late last week, I got hit with a stomach virus - no, not the Coronavirus, just one of those other, common ones that cause every ounce of fluid to leave your body within a three or four hour period as unpleasantly as possible.

I haven't felt this awful...

I ended up calling in sick Friday, which, as these things happen, turned out to be the exact right day for it - our network was down most of the day (post tornado, we believe), and so things at the office were a little chaotic/quiet - depending on who you are and what you do.

But anyway, I started finally feeling right around Sunday evening - just in time to pull it together and go back to the office.

I am, admittedly, a terrible patient.  I have a low threshold for discomfort, and the body ache that comes with a gastro bug and subsequent dehydration is a total bummer.

Monday night, I ended up doing our grocery shopping for the week because I was too busy being lazy and pounding fluids Sunday.

Because of both the tornado and the threat of impending viral doom, the stores are looking a little picked over.  Of course, my Kroger really shouldn't be used as a barometer for anything except my tolerance for chaos.

I wrote up a hypothetical list of what we might want/need in the event of a prolonged quarantine - it's heavy on dried beans and Beano.  And it has made me consider the necessity of a deep freezer.  My vote on that is, if we had space, maybe - but we're already bursting at the seams.

Hopefully, it won't come to that.  That said, the kids at Vanderbilt are going to be taking class online through the end of the month.  I would personally hate that.  But times have changed, so - these kids are probably fine with it - though I suspect they'll get bored and probably throw a few parties.

Our next door neighbors to the east are a group of boys in school at Belmont - if they end up closing their classrooms, I fear for their safety - these guys like to hang on out the roof and drink.  I don't blame them.  That seems like a solid way to ride out a pandemic.  The boys are rowdier than the previous (female) student renters, and they smoke cigars, and their girlfriends stay over on the weekends and take up parking, but they seem like nice enough kids.  One night, I came in late and executed a tight parallel parking job on the first shot.  Turns out they were watching from the roof and when I got out they congratulated me.  I don't hate them.  But I also fear for their livers and bones.  I fear for my sanity.

Today, they did a quick survey to ensure we're all ready to work from home if we need to.  My hope is that we don't have to.  I'll follow protocol, but you can't make me like it, dammit.

Anyway - right now is a lot of hurry up and wait.  About the election, about the virus, about schedules and plans and all that fun stuff.

And I'm nothing if not patient.