New Normal

So, we're rounding the corner on week two of Work From Home.  I believe that our current mandate is "stay home" or something equally not catchy.  We're not quarantining, or self-isolating, or social distancing, or sheltering-in-place, or... fuck, I don't know*.  We're not supposed to go out.  They have closed non-essential businesses in Davidson County and in the city of Franklin.  We're supposed to limit trips out, stop touching our faces and wash our hands, assuming we have soap, which has been hoarded to near extinction.

Some people say we should be monitoring our temperature, and to be alarmed by fever, dry cough, fatigue and chills.  I would be alarmed by those regardless, but hey - I am not the expert.

An expert at picking sunglasses, though.

And that's the point, FFS.  I am not an expert.  I am not offering clinical advice to anyone.  While I think it's advisable for high risk folks to stay the hell away from potential carriers, I have to admit that I have gone to the store, which makes me a more likely potential carrier.  I am also concerned that I have a sore throat, but I believe that has to do with the MILLIONS OF POLLEN SPORES floating on the Nashville breeze.

Because I have neither fever, nor chills, nor body ache.  Fatigue, sure - but the kind that comes from not doing anything worthwhile for nearly two weeks. 

I mean, yes - I work.  I have been reasonably productive and I feel good enough about that.  But I miss my colleagues.  And sure, I've kept us fed and laundered, but there is so much more that needs doing than just that.   I did mow the backyard last week, but it's time again. 

I've caught up to the end of Season Five on Schitt's Creek, which now means I have to find a way to get season six going.  I binged Season Two of Derry Girls - which is eight episodes, and they are precious.  That show is a gem.

But in terms of anything artistic, philanthropic, or just generally useful for the greater good - no.

I did have therapy today - we did it via web-conference, and I liked it - I can see where a lot of people would be put off by it - but I needed to vent, and I did, and all is well.

Anyway - nothing new to report - the location and events remain roughly the same, the cast of characters is static - no understudies or swings in this performance.

I'll keep you posted.

*Looked it up - "Safer At Home" is what we're doing... mmkay.