Allo, allo!

Well, folks, it's 2020.  Which is weird and lovely, and almost identical to 2019 so far.

We're dealing with the torrential rain that has been dealt to us, and it is dreary.  That's the rub of January and February - all the gloom, none of the holiday excitement.  I mean, sure - college play-offs,  MLK Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Groundhog's Day, Valentines Day... all of these are great, but the lights on the houses come down (eventually), it's cold and dark without the distraction of music, parties, shopping, baking, tv specials and so on.

Instead, it's days on days on days of cold, gray, dark inertia.  And ok, it's not interminable, but it's not exactly amazing, either.

The thing is, I can find any number of things to keep me amused and occupied.  I can make up things to look forward to, no questions asked.  But for the moment, it's a little bit of wait and see.  And driving in the rain.  The driving rain.

Moving on.  It was a good New Year's Eve and Day.  The Eve part was low-key.  Pajamas, dinner, tv, making fun of Keith Urban's Freddy Krueger Sweater:

So, you know - all in all, very chill.

New Year's Day, I met Jim for brunch, watched hockey with Matt and Piper, cooked greens and black eyes peas, and watched UGA win the Sugar Bowl.

These are all good and noble things.

Tonight, I'm sure we have something lined up, other than checking the cellar for rainwater, but I'm sure it'll be more chill.  I do love the chill.

Let's see what 2020 has to offer.  I'm ready.  And even if I weren't... This is 2020.