Time in a Bottle

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  Christmas was good, and a little melancholy. Christmas was exhausting and revitalizing.  Christmas was, is, and forever shall be complicated*.

Amerigerman Christmas Eve

*For starters, the blended fam does presents on Christmas Eve.  This appears to be possibly because they are German, but also perhaps it's just their anomaly.  It's disorienting, but then, I know my standard spaghetti dinner is my Christmas anomaly has them discombobulated.  That's tradition for you.  You have to bend, flex and take deep breaths.  And bring broccoli.

We went to Atlanta the night of the 23rd and got home around 1PM on the 26th.   I was glad to get home because I don't sleep well at my childhood home.  Which is where I slept soundly for the first 22 years of my life, so that's weird, but there you go. You grow up, you buy a memory foam mattress, and you get used to your quirky bed and any other quirky isn't your quirky. 

The celebrations and food were all delightful - I got some amazing presents, I gave a few amazing presents, and just like that, another Christmas is in the books.

We got Piper back yesterday, and she seems to have fared well - she was tired and slept a good bit, as usual.  We called yesterday Piper Christmas, which was lottery scratch-offs, napping, take out food and lots of sitting around chilling.  I like Piper Christmas.  This may become our new tradition.  Matt isn't a fan of the lottery scratch-offs.  I need to figure that out.

Today would have been my father's 79th birthday.  Which is interesting for a number of reasons.  I actually met mom's boyfriend and his wife nine years ago at Dad's 70th birthday.  And I liked them immediately.  It's funny how everything plays out, isn't it?

I feel like I should mark the day somehow, but I don't know that I will.  I don't want to buy jewelry, or get a tattoo, or eat a fancy meal.  Feeding the birds is always nice, but to be honest, Piper tends to chase wildlife, and eat birdseed that lands on the ground - neither activity is desirable.   I did give blood on the 22nd, and I'm wearing the shirt they gave away.  Since Dad and I shared a blood type, O+, that may be my commemoration of the late great Guillermo Breyerez...

Anyway.  We are cruising into 2020, and of course, I'll post my resolutions at some point soon.  They're pretty well the same as the past decade, but you know - we do us.

Enjoy this gap time between one holiday and the next.  Read your books, do crossword puzzles, eat leftovers, and watch some good things - movies, tv, cat videos - what ever makes you happy.  But stay hydrate, rest, and get some fresh air, too.  Because we have a lot to do in 2020 - elect a president, perhaps impeach an old one?  I have training to write, and relationships to strengthen, and humor to impart.  And love - that's the biggest thing on my plate next year.  To love, and to be loved. 

Which is easy when you're surrounded by great people - and I am.

And that means you, too.  Thanks for being you, and letting me be me.



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