Q:  So, any big 2020 plans?

A:  Nothing for New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, there's a ton of sporting events, plus, I need to make our black-eyed peas and greens for dinner.

Q:  What about longer term?

A:  I have settled on a word and color for 2020.  This is something I first read about in a web group some years back. 

Q:  Let's hear it.

A:  My word is:  Adapt.  I have always been good at rolling with the punches and making changes on the fly, but adapting is more about bending in a longer term way.  A transition from one thing to the next.  It indicates mindfulness and intention.

Q:  And the color?

A:  I almost always gravitate to greens, because of their connotations of health, life and growth.  This year, I went with something different:

Q:  What does this symbolize to you?

A: I am reminded of times that I've cut or scraped myself enough that I had to regrow some skin.  And the new, fresh skin was always smooth and pink.  So this still has a regenerative quality to it, without being so obvious.  And I think that it dovetails nicely with my adapt theme.   Plus, I find it to be a very cool and calming color.  Like strawberry ice cream, or a soft eye shadow.

Q:  Did you pick a green first, then decide to pivot?

A:   Maybe.

Q:  Nice color.  So, what are your resolutions for the year, aside from pink adaptation?

A:  I am getting back to healthy eating ASAP.  I plan to journal this year, and I want to keep trying with McSweeney's.  Why not?  I'm sure I'll come up with some other things - but the healthy lifestyle and journaling are the two I'll commit to.

Q:  I thought you were preaching the Gospel of SMART Goals in your last Lunch and Learn, so shouldn't you state those in SMART terms?

A:  Ok, so - I'm going to get back on Weight Watchers and track my food day.  I want to write in my journal three times a week, and submit to McSweeney's at least once a month.  Happy?

Q:  Much better.  Is there anything else you care to add?

A:  Not really - honestly, I'm feeling a little creative drought.  I'm thinking it's time to exfoliate, hydrate, detox, and recharge.  Oh, and laundry.  Always laundry.