Argot and Jargon

My friend and I were texting back and forth last night, trying to dissect the bizarre behavior of a third party, who I'll just call X for purposes of simplicity.

I finally decided that X was feeling "Thanksguilty".  You're welcome - feel free to use it as needed.

This same friend and I also coined the expressions "Fucksgiving" (and its twin "Zero Fucksgiving") as well as Clustermas last year.

We're middle-aged women with some anger issues - what of it?!?

That said, I'm kind of proud of Thanksguilty.  I also came up with an alternate term for a company breakroom - the Staffeteria.  Feel free to use that one as well.

Basically, I'm pun-filled, just in time for the holidays.

My nephew's small gift arrived yesterday - I need to get him the primary to go with it.  Then mail it all.  My sister and brother-in-law's present is en route.  Matt and I are giving each other a sofa for Christmas...eventually.  Whatever - we're 45, we have what we need.  I don't need a diamond tennis bracelet, or a large SUV with a red bow on it, or a bottle of expensive fragrance.  I know my man loves me.   Though if he wanted to show his love with a few vials of botox, I would say no.  Nothing says Christmas like Botulinium Clostridium.

Actually, Christmas is more about Euphorbia Pulcherrima.

The Poinsettia:

Acid Wash is BACK, baby!

Pretty, aren't they?  But they're also toxic to animals, and finicky, so I won't own any this year.  Somewhere, there is a photo of me, roughly age five, dressed to go to the theater in a plaid smocked dress with a lace collar and a poinsettia in my hair.  We went to see Annie, then met family for dinner at Mandarin House in Sandy Springs.  That used to be the best Chinese in town.  These days, they are a high-falutin' Pan-Asian place that lost all the previous charm.  The last time I ate there it was gross, but it's been over a decade.  Long story.  Some other time.

Now, we get Chinese at China Garden in Roswell.  Nashville has yet to provide me with adequate Chinese, but the bagel sitch is improving, and we FINALLY have a Crate and Barrel - though I've yet to visit, my friend who has been tells me it's good.

Basically, we're a big deal city now.

That said, there's still a small town feel, and I like that.  The other day, I ran into an old colleague - one who left our last company before I did, and who, like me (and the above poinsettia) has blossomed spectacularly in her new life.

Those things matter.  They do.

If I don't catch you again before Thanksgiving, happy happy to you.  We'll talk turkey, post-turkey.