Yom Kippur 2019/5780

Well, it's the Day of Atonement in the Jewish Faith, Yom Kippur.  I have been known, from time to time to make a list of my transgressions for the previous year.  Today is one of those times.

For all the middle fingers given in anger, rather than in comedy, my apologies.  And for a few of the comedic ones, too.

For the times I "forgot" to invite a colleague to a group lunch for the sake of convenience (ie, not having to take 2 cars), I'm sorry.

For deadlines missed, running late and making others wait on me, I am sorry.

I would like to apologize for taking out my anger re: the plus size fashion industry on innocent store clerks - that said, half-baked chick at Nordstrom Rack, no, I don't want a store credit card.  Back off.

To Rayon:  I don't know why I hate you, other than that you're cheap, you wrinkle easily and you don't breathe.  But you do you.  I am so sorry.

To my neighbors - if your junk mail ended up at our house, please know, I did not bring it to you, unless it looked important.  I assume you are doing the same, and no, I have no idea why the mail carrier seems to get so confused.  Bless her fuzzy little heart.

Also to my neighbors - I will move heaven and earth to get your Amazon packages to you, and I know you will do the same.  Thankfully, our UPS guy is on point.

UPS Guy - We love you.  Thanks for all you do - sorry we're so lazy and get everything delivered. I'll do better.  Or I'll try.

Aldi - I love you.  Thanks for making me remember my bags.  Apologies to all the bags I've required elsewhere, but I'm still getting better.

I still wasted way too much food - fruit, meat - those are my biggest downfalls.  I'll get better at it - I promise.

I still eat meat, wear leather, throw cans into the trash if they're too big of a pain to clean out, and drive a gas powered car (a modest sedan, but still).  I should do better for what's left of this blue marble I keep spinning around on.

I am grateful to my friends for keeping me in their lives.  I need to do more to earn my keep.

I'm pleased to say my diet has been far less Little Debbie, more apples and grilled chicken.  Apple Grilled Chicken Creme Pies are a new Little Debbie, btw.  Gross.  Just kidding.  That Dvorah - what a mitzvah!

I am sorry for any squandered money.  I can and will do more with less.

I'm sorry for buying cheap, disposable clothes (see rayon, above).

I regret all of the damage I've done by not taking better care of my skin.  A sin of omission is probably better than one of commission in this case.

For all the times I've snapped at family, or been unkind about or to them, mea culpa.

I know I was impatient with Matt, and he didn't always deserve it.  He didn't NOT deserve it from time to time - but balance in all things.

I wish I had let Piper's little dog friend come over every time he poked his giant cranium into the fence gap.  But some nights were a challenge.  More play time for everyone!!

I need to pet Piper more.  Good for me, good for her.  Just good.

I atone for a year of clutter with spates of clean thrown in for home inspections and whatnot.  It's time to get serious.

Not enough exercise - I need beg forgiveness of my knees.

Honestly, though - these are all small things.  On the whole, I had a good year.  I loved and was loved, I gave to and had given to me. I fed people, I clothed a few.  I voted, I wrote, I created, I connected, and I laughed far more than I cried.

I atone, yes - but as my girl Edith Piaf sang, "Non - je ne regrette rien!"

I have to think she was thinking, "Mais, actuellement, je regrette ce coupe de cheveux ici enormement."

Well, honestly, I regret this haircut here quite a lot.