Well, there are some forces that are beyond our control.  And that, in a nutshell, is how I turned 45 on Sunday.

It's hard to believe on a lot of levels - mostly because I can still remember, for example, my 27th birthday like it was yesterday.  And it was eighteen years ago.  I have a friend whose twin daughters turn 18 today.  What feels like yesterday for me is an entire LIFETIME for some people.

Also, I feel young.  In some ways.  I actually pulled a muscle cleaning a bathtub over the weekend.  Like you do.  My knees feel old.  My brain feels young.  My sense of humor is downright childish.  I have the hair of a 45-year-old, the taste of a wealthy, 60 year old man, and the feet of an 86 year old woman who walks on hot coals for fun.

We are the sum of our parts, I think it's safe to say.

Because we are just on the brink of moving offices this week, things are in a bit of a heap at work.  We learned yesterday, late that our move has been delayed because the fire marshal has yet to sign off on the new building.  Disappointing, but it means we get a few more days to eat at the places around here that we'll miss.  I'm looking at you, Murff's.

Halloween is tomorrow - I'll share my costume photos when they come.  Fifty Shade of Gray, it's not, but I'm pleased nonetheless.

It's hard to believe 2019 is over, especially given that I keep wanting to type the date as 2017.  We are starting to consider Thanksgiving plans, and have decided that for Christmas, we would like to give ourselves the gift of a sofa.  Long gone are the days of toys, clothes, and even electronics.  Give me home improvement, dammit!  We're also working on getting a long-standing roof leak fixed, now that we finally, and I mean FINALLY have the source pinpointed.

What I'm saying is, tempus fugit, y'all. Tempus, motherfugging fugit.

I have been knee deep in sports the past week - if it's not hockey, it's the World Series.  And then football - both collegiate and pro.  It's sporty.  That said, I have caught up with season three of Big Mouth, and it's kind of melancholy.  Missy finally grows up and gets a little angry, which is charming.  The other characters grow and change a little, but the whole thing ends on a very sad note - but, another season is in the works.   What's funny is that my sister used a phrase ("my dudes") in a text that is specific to that show, at least, in my mind.  Sadly, it was a coincidence.  She's never seen it.  And given that her son is roughly the age of the main characters, it might not be the right time for her.  Honestly, it might never be the right time for her.  It's pretty darn crude.

Which is why I love it.

Not to go on a "Kids Today!" rant, but one of the new things out there is "period proof" underwear - it stops leaks.  Which, basically every woman I've ever met could have used at some point in her life.  I'm not sure that techno-panties make up for the kids of today having to deal with their lives being on real-time display thanks to Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Yik Yak, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  To name a few.  But it's a start, isn't it?

Speaking of kids, though - Halloween.  Even though I plan to dress up for work, I am not planning to buy and distribute candy this year.  None of the neighbors have kids, and I don't want to sit out on a cold, and probably rainy night for a bunch of kids I don't know, while Piper goes apeshit inside the house.  Instead, I am going to come in, make dinner, play with the dog, and we'll watch a hockey game.  My mother and her boyfriend are all-in on it this year - putting out luminarias at her house, candy, etc.  It's cute.

Portrait of the Author 40 Years Ago, Speaking of Cute.

I'm heading down to see her soon - I haven't been since... hell, I can't even remember - but to be fair, it's been nine years since she has been here. I know.  I.  KNOW.It might be more recent, but only by a year or two.  It's still been a hot minute.

Matt's family is coming to town, though not to stay with us, in a few weeks - we'll sequester the Doodlebug long enough to show them the reno we've done, and the reno we will do.  I hope the weather is nice.

Honestly, I'm just kind of a little off - I'm sure it's nothing that falling back an hour this weekend can't fix. Bwahahahahahahah!!!

Be young, be foolish, and be happy.