Baby, If You Ever...

Hello.  It's October.  How the hell did I blow through September like a freight train through a small town.

Forgive me - I stole that phrase from Mr. Wilner - a science teacher in High School who got fired for being pervy.  Honestly, I liked him pretty well.  Here's the thing - people don't typically perv on me.  I'm impervious.

Sorry - I had to.

Anyway, I could go down that rabbit hole, but I won't.

We spent a week on vacation, and I'm back - trying to get caught up on everything from getting hydrated to doing laundry, to eating better to email to paying some bills.

And of course, the blog suffers, too.

But!  We went to Cincinnati.  You may wonder why.  Well, it's a four hour drive from Nashville.  It is a reasonably inexpensive city, and they have things to do there.  So we went, and we did things.  We rode a ferris wheel by the river.  We took a cruise on a paddle boat.  We went to the zoo.  We went to the Underground Railroad museum.   We wandered into Oktoberfest.  We met an 86 year old Greek man who still makes hats by hand in his little shop that he inherited from his uncle. We ate a ton of good food and accidentally stumbled into the place where the toothpick scene in Rain Man was filmed.

Pompilio's - Newport, KY - order the Ronaldo.

Basically, we had a great time.

Then, we hit the road to go see Matt's family and continued the great time.  It was a much more subdued leg of the trip, and that was a good thing.  We again ate good food.  Southern cuisine, this leg.

By the time we got home Friday afternoon, we were exhausted.  I bailed Piper out of the hoosegow, which wasn't cheap, and the three of us basically collapsed for the rest of the weekend.

So, baby, if you ever wondered - wondered, whatever became of me?  I was in Cincinnati.

Happy October, my friends.


Christopher said…
I'm still amazed October has come along this quickly. I mean, it's arrived the same time as last year, but it feels like it got here so much sooner.
And I'm pleased you went to Pompilio's. Heck, Cincinnati is a great city. I'm perplexed you didn't purposely pick Pompilio's but, er, it all worked out. I hope they still have the mural of Hoffman and Cruise in the convertible.
If you go back, by the way, get some Graeter's ice cream. Or, since you can get it here, go to a Graeter's Ice Cream parlor. I'm partial to the turtle sundae.