J for Joy

My house backs up to an alleyway that is semi paved, single-lane passage between the houses on my street, and the houses one street south.  My "back-to-back" neighbors are a family- I have met the father and the two kids.  I don't know names of anyone but Dad. For the ease of the rest of this post, we'll call him J.   I assume there's a Mrs. J.  He has a daughter who is a freshman at one of the good magnet high schools here in town.  His son is middle-school aged.

We first met J when we were outside working, and I run into him in the alley from time to time.

He's a good Dad.  I can tell - he's involved with his kids. Here's what I can tell you about him.

He's younger than me, I think - he's a light-skinned black man - biracial if I were to guess.  He grew up in Boston.  He drives a luxury SUV crossover, and wears suits to work.

I know this because I saw him with his daughter at our polling place once on election day.  She was tall and pretty, but looked bored.  The next time I saw him, I told him I used to go with my dad to the polls and that it is so important to kids to see their parents involved.

This summer, I was wrangling the neighbor dog into his yard and I ran into J and his son.  The son was mowing the lawn.  I had seen this same kid mowing other yards on their street, so I gave him props for his entrepreneurship.  We talked about the dog I was wrangling, and that's when I learned his daughter had gotten into a public magnet.  I'm glad J's kids are public school kids.  My company's CFO also lives in this area - his kids are also public schoolers - and his oldest just got into a different high end public magnet school - my grandfather's alma mater.

Tonight, I heard J whistling as he was walking down his back steps to grill.  A dog in the yard next to him barked, and he said "woof", back to the dog, then kept whistling.  Their house is crazy nice, and sometimes I hope he isn't disappointed by our weird little place with issues.

But it's nice to be a little bit of a voyeur.  I wonder what, if anything, J knows about me - or if I register as anything other than that crazy alley lady who occasionally wanders her back yard in a tank top and shorts (but shouldn't) and sometimes talks to herself out on her deck, and definitely asks a lot of questions.

In other neighbor news - the girls who were renting the house next door moved out - Brody's owner, Mindy, got married.  The new tenants are a group of boys - Belmont students if their car decals are any indication.  They seem to have girls around, and I think some of them spend the night.  I don't care, mind you, I just notice.

When I was in college, a lot of my sorority sisters would overnight with their guy from time to time - they would leave with a tote bag, which we called a "shack pack".  I was not a shacker, really - til my senior year, when I was in a serious relationship with Rusty.  What was then serious I now realize was a serious mistake.

And bad mistakes?  I've made... a few.

I haven't met any of the boys yet, but given the poor job our mail carrier does - it's a matter of time.

As long as their ladyfriends use common sense with parking, we're good.

I should tell you, my test results came back on Friday.  There has been no change since the same test a year ago - mild abnormality - keep an eye on it and keep going.

See a doctor and get rid of it.  Don't trust whitey.  The Lord loves a working man.

Tomorrow is the first day of the work week, thanks to Labor Day.  I can't recall if I get a haircut this weekend or next.  I don't guess it matters, except that my hair is massive and weird.  There is not enough product in the world.

We had pizza for dinner - I planned my eating today to make it possible - I ate two pieces and it was perfect.  Literally.

Image result for pizza perfect
It is damn good.

I love Mellow Mushroom, don't get me wrong - but this is my jam.  I had cheese with spinach.

And tomorrow, I get back on the fruit and vegetable train.  Toot, toot!

Happy September, everyone!