Accurate Depiction

I have taken, over the years, many personality tests.  Legit stuff like the Myers-Briggs, which was way, way off.  The Enneagram that changes every time I take it.  The DiSC profile which was pretty spot on.

I've taken plenty of magazine and internet profiles.  The one that stands out was one in Cosmo that tallied me up as a Chillaxed Feminist (What Kind Of Feminist Are You? was the quiz).

Recently, my boss had me take one called the Predictive Index, and as it turns out, it looked deep into my soul and liked what it saw:

I am a promoter.  Note that point B - the one that has an arrow that points off the chart, indicates that I am so social that it actually appears off the indicated scale.

That makes me laugh because it's so true.

Last night, at dinner, one of the leaders in my company I hold in especially high esteem told me that people appreciate the work I'm doing, and they're excited about it.

He's speaking, I believe of some of the soft-skill, touchy feeling, social things I am involved in - and that makes me incredibly happy.

I told him I was amazed that I get paid to do things I love and would do for free - but that I appreciate the pay check.

I had another leader in the company telling us about something they're working on, and he looked at me and said it was especially of  interest to me.

What I'm saying is - these people know and understand me.

And they like me, regardless.

It's a good time.


Christopher said…
That is amazing. I was briefly hung up on the word "extravert" because I thought it was "extrovert", but I checked the OED and it says "extravert" is an acceptable alternative. And it works, especially for you, because what you're appreciated for is your extra effort.