I'm kind of ready for fall.  Well, what I want is cooler days, but still tons and tons of sunlight.

It's Friday, which is good.  I had a great work week, but I need a little chill out and take naps time.

I handled a few personal responsibilities this week - followed up on and met a gutter person at the house, called the vet to let them know Piper is doing great.  Had a doctor's appointment that I have to assume went OK, seeing as how I haven't heard back from them (all good, you get a postcard - bad news merits a phone call - usually).

Weirdly, or maybe not weirdly, I like my dog's medical practice better than my own.  I don't like the nurse at this particular doc's office, and I feel like, if you aren't having babies, you can get to the back of the line.  It's a Women's Health Clinic, though I think you might have surmised as much.

Piper's practice has two doctors who have both been there for awhile, a tech I adore, and the administrator at the front desk is a sweetheart.  Dr. G, who saw her this last time, was as nice as she could be when I showed her a picture of Piper's friend from next door.  She kvelled about how tall and handsome he is.

Which he totally is.

I've also seen these women out in the community.  Dr. G I saw with her little girls at McKay's.  I didn't say hello because, her day off.  I mentioned it later to her.  She said to say hello next time.

Dr. W I ran into at a zoo in New Orleans.  No surprise - she went to LSU and was in town for the LSU/Alabama Game that weekend.  But my feeling is, if my vet, who I trusted with both of my girls is at that zoo, she must be confident that they take care of their animals.  True story - the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is spectacular.  We spent an entire day there.  Delightful.

I need to get the chip off my shoulder about my doc's nurse, though.  It's not her fault that my body is wonky.

Anyway, it was a jam-packed week. Tomorrow, I'm meeting Jim for breakfast, which is a good start to my weekend. We also have some Netflixing to do.  We started a show called Mindhunter -I need to catch up on Season 1 before the second season drops soon.

I also have some more Schitt's Creek, and a brand new season of Derry Girls!  Television.  Love.  It.

I need to pick up some makeup this weekend - it's Clinique Bonus Time, and if you're going to pay for decent eyeliner, you might as well get something extra with it.  And so I shall.

I also need to look around and see what's out for fall.  Do I need new clothes?  I mean, kind of - there are a few pieces I could get that would tie everything together for late summer/early fall.  The colors are a little odd.  Lots of brick red, burnt orange and harvest gold.  I can wear the red pretty easily, but the others are - a little too babyshit for my taste.

They call me mellow yellow - quite rightly. Yes, I know.  Dress Barn.  But still!

Truth be told, though, I need foundation garments.  I managed to make it through the summer with a few cheap items, but once the weather cools down, I'm going to need to add some structure to the mix.  And, we're having some issues with our dryer - there's a loose seal around the door, and things get caught in it, which makes tiny and not so tiny holes in them.

A new dryer is also on the agenda.

It's expensive to be alive, clean and fashionable.

But it's also good to be alive, clean and fashionable.  Or at least,clothed.