Way Homer

I have, over the years, developed a series of "inside phrases" - basically, the punchlines to jokes that have become part of my lexicon whenever I'm with a group, or a certain people, or referring to some past incident.

I was reminded of an old, old one I'd forgotten when my sister texted it to me two days ago.  Here is that one, and some others, without context:

- Hey, mon!  Your steppin' on me baby!

- It's just the natural shape of her mouth.


- Don't bullshit me, Tony!

- Don't we have the best food?

- Craaaayons?!?  I hate crayons!

- That's a man!

- Dog butt!

- Let 'er rip, ski-boy!

Ski Boy - apparently letting 'er rip.

- He was drunker than 40 bicycles.

- Hell is a very hot place!  Hot, hot, hot!

- Just like New York City - nothin' to it.

- No, they're bullfinches.

- Is that Prince?

- Buddy, Tippy, Killer is my LIFE.

- Do you want to join the club?

- I'm f***ing despair!

- Do you want to put on a little lipstick before we go?

-  Breakfast of Champions!

-  Mom's home cooking!

-  Tell me again why we're eating downtown!?

-  I said,  "Thanks for the bird, asshole!"

- Cold as whiz!

- I don't eat much, I just eat slow.

- Linda, have you ever been proactive?

- But back to me.

- I just tell them, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

- Thank you, I had a nice time.  Remember Church and Sunday School.

- Give me back me hair!

- Did you know that Thomas Nast was...

- Wake up and smell the cat food.

- RINGING in our EARS!

- Ripped and sweet.

- Four Kats Onlee

- Babyette and James Earl Jones

- Fudge F***ing Rounds!

- In Sicily, we have a saying...

- Well... he died.

- A clean, clear drink of liquor.

- Those are the biggest feet I've ever seen.

- Last row, huh?  Sucks to be you.

-  Put this in his file.

- These birds were hand-raised.

- You're doing a great job!

1994 Pontiac Sunbird
Refers to an incident where I was the DD, circa 1998.

There are millions of others.  And maybe they aren't funny here and now, but someday, I'll look back on this and laugh.