That Smarts!

I was typing out the word sombrero today, and I realized for the first time that it's derived from the root word sombre, meaning shade.  Which, what is the purpose of a sombrero, other than to embarrass Mexican restaurant patrons on their birthday?  To provide shade.

I blurred this patron's face for privacy.

I love when my brain makes those connections - no matter how obvious.

This weekend we did an Escape Room with the usual gang - we got out with 36 seconds to spare.  The game master told us that the room we completed has 36 puzzles, where their other room has 18.  That's a lot of numbers I'm throwing at you - suffice it to say, we needed the whole hour and it about killed us.  But there were six of us, and we all did the work needed to make it happen.

After that, we had supper at Jim's.  I made a cucumber salad that wasn't the worst - but I need to retool the recipe - it was a little water, as will happen - I think I could have salted them and let them drain longer than I did.  Who knows.  It wasn't bad, but next to the mac and cheese one of our other friends made, and the cake with chocolate ganache that Jim baked... well, it's low-cal cucumber salad.  Blech.

Tonight, I have prep work to do for lunch and snacks rest of the week. I'm going out once that I know of, but the point is, you have to work with what you've got, and I need bring my A game. More on that at some other point.

I am coming to the end of another month, which means I have to get some things prepped. A bulletin board and a newsletter that both come due soon.  One is out of my hands.  The other one is about hands.

That is the bulletin board - I have decided to do a board about hands - given that August 13 is International Left Handers Day, and I am, as you might then guess, left handed.

But rather than focus just on the three or so of us in the office that are southpaws, I wanted to make it applicable to everyone.  So I'm including facts about knuckles, rings, high-fiving, and possible handshakes in addition to the other stuff.

We saw the new Quentin Tarantino movie over the weekend, and I highly recommend- given that I go to the movies once or twice a year, I don't recommend very many...

And I'm late to the game on Schitt's Creek - but if you haven't watched it yet, get on it!  I find it funny, sweet and creative. It reminds me of the early, early Arrested Development.  And is it just me, or does Chris Elliot look like he is suffering from some chronic, possibly fatal long illness?  I know that's the characters he plays.  He's probably not so sickly looking in real life.  All of that to say, I adore Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara - I have for years and years.  Dan Levy is precious, and Annie Murphy is such fun.  I hate how much I love her and love to hate her.

So get all over that, assuming you haven't - but you probably have.

I need to get to cooking, and dog petting, so I'll leave you to it.



Christopher said…
I've just started Schitt's Creek too. So terrifically cast. And I worry about Chris Elliott too, but then I think, well, he's looked like that for years. I remember watching his show "Get A Life" back in the '90's. At first I didn't know what to make of it but I kept watching and the weirdness of it got funnier and funnier. Plus it opened with REM's "Stand" and how could you not love that?