I am coming off the high of a long weekend which bled into the high of a long week of meetings at the mothership and finished off with a nice weekend of very little.

It was very people-y, and by the time I collapsed into my car Friday afternoon, I was cooked.

Oh, baby.

I definitely love and need people in my life.  I have a lot of love to give, and you can never be loved too much.

But sometimes, it's just good to sit on your back deck with your favorite dog, drink a lemonade, and watch the time pass.

Basically, I need balance.

Truthfully, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by great people - at work, at play, in family... I am lucky.

The one area in my life that needs a little work is my own opinion of myself - which at the moment, isn't great.

It's not anything big, it's just a lot of little things that amount to something bigger.  I need to get more rest, eat better, take care of my body, and find a hobby.  

Actually, it's some pretty decently big things that meld into one great big thing.

I don't know where I'm going with this.

Yesterday, I did a massive grocery run to get everything in order for my week.  I had plans of meal prep.

I bought two dozen eggs because they were 88 cents a dozen.  I then proceeded to trip as I pulled them from my back seat and landed on my ass.  It tweaked my back, and more frustratingly, it broke a dozen of my eggs.  Not all from the same carton, so I had to cull through them and cry over spilt (and split) shells.

I did manage to hard boil the remaining survivors to perfection.  I also cooked a pound of dried pinto beans, and that was satisfying as well.  It's the little things.

Meanwhile, my back still hurts.  I'll plug in the new massager thing we got a few weeks ago and see if I can work it out tonight.

Working it out is what it's about, I think.  Whether it's your back, or a project, or your thoughts.  Work all of it out.



Christopher said…
Finding a hobby should be easy but can be surprisingly difficult. It should be obvious, but even if you can figure out something you'd like to do sometimes it's hard to know where to even start.
Unless your hobby is something like picking out the broken eggs.