Collective Nouns - New for 2019!

 A kombucha of gentrifiers

 A hangar of pro-life protesters

 A cap of Trump supporters

 A bump of political candidates

 A cycle of intersectional feminists

 A grind of baristas

 A breach of internet hackers

 A disaster of urban scooters

 An assload of yoga pants

 A surge of electric cars

 A shiplap of DIY shows

A cha-ching of avocado toast

A rash of anti-vaxxers

An indignation of mommy bloggers

A bandwagon of soccer fans

A stagger of bachelorette partiers

An interrobang of disgraced celebrities

A bulk of cross-fitters

A tantrum of Real Housewives

A spritz of flavored waters 

A buttegieg of unpronounceable names

A well of mansplainers 


Christopher said…
I'm amused and depressed in equal amounts that these collective nouns are needed. Except for "A buttegieg of unpronounceable names". That one just makes me laugh since its eponymous source seems pretty decent.