Wakey Wakey

I have created a monster.  Well, sort of.

The neighbor dog has been a more frequent escapee, now that he realizes I'll usually let him in to play.

Sometimes, the neighbors secure their gate really well, and it'll be days between play dates.  And other times, they leave it easy for him to squeeze out and come over.

I don't like denying him play, and of course, I love the energy it kills in my own girl.  They are well matched, and he's a pleasure to have as a guest.

But he is becoming more reluctant to leave at the end of the play date, and I feel bad about that.  I hate having to force him back into his yard, and now, if he leaves and runs away, I'm going to feel responsible.

But the fact that he can get out but hasn't gone more than two houses away tells me he's not a runner.  My two dogs have both been runners.  Whether that's a referendum on my skills as a guardian or not remain to be seen.

Anyway, I'm going to continue  to host play dates until they secure the dog consistently, and truth be told, I may break him out to play with my girl.

So, it's a monster, but it's a sweet monster.

Two Monsters.

Meanwhile, I am tired.  I am apparently not sleeping well - it's hot and sticky out, and I need to be cool to sleep.  While I love having a memory foam mattress, the first generation ones are excessively heat retaining - which is marvelous in the winter, but for the other nine months, makes for a little frustration. 

I have been working on getting the house in order - we have an appraiser coming for our Home Equity Line of Credit - we're going to re-up for another ten years to have a "rainy day" fund.  And by that, I mean the roof collapsing on a rainy day.

But because of that, my evenings aren't especially restful right now.  I'm not mad about it, but I can't wait for a fat nap in the middle of the day - fan blowing, dog sprawled out, lights off...

It's the little things, really.

Tonight, I am dropping off a ton of things at the Goodwill, picking up dinner, then back at it with the house.

And then sleep.

Meetings tomorrow.  A few more Friday.

And housework.  Groceries.

Play dates?  Probably.