So, I was running through a list of all the things I have to do (outside of work) on my way to work this morning, and it occurred to me, not for the first time, is that all of my struggle is essentially tied to this:  lack of organization and planning.

I know I'm capable of these things, at least in an basic enough capacity to function in society.

But I also know that if I were to improve on these,  I'd find life a lot easier.

That said, having a partner makes it a little harder.  Because you have double the stuff, but no authority to determine whether this shirt or that box should stay or go.  For example, we have this bag of cables.  They're probably all obsolete, but I know I can't toss them:

These do not spark joy.  They might have sparked a VCR at some point.

Our big issue at the moment is that we have a lot of "stuff" and nowhere to put it.  Last night, I went into the attic and got three decent sized bags ready to take to Goodwill - and I have several more downstairs.  I think I'll take them tonight.  I remember reading recently that the whole Kon Mari joy of tidying up has glutted the thrift shops with stuff that nobody wants or needs.  Well, they're about to get more, dammit.

I did run across something that sparked a lot of joy for me, and I kept it.  My first dog, Lola, had a green fleece blanket.  I put it in her crate and bed when I first got her.  Well, I think she was probably improperly weaned, and she would chew that blanket as a way of relaxing.  She chewed so many holes in it, eventually, it was as much hole as blanket.  She would drag it around the house, and once, when my parents were visiting, they accidentally packed it and took it with them.  They mailed it back, and when we opened the mailer, she looked visibly relieved.  So it may look like a piece of ratty fleece swiss cheese, but we called it Lola's "mother", and it will never not spark joy for me.

In other news, I have a crick in my neck that has worked its way down the shoulder blade.  I can use my handy lacrosse ball to work out the referred pain, but I can't manage to get to the source.  I ended up buying a massager thing on Amazon after reading a glowing review of it on - it arrives tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I leave tomorrow to head to Atlanta, so I won't get to test it til I get back Sunday. I'm heading down to see my mother and my sister and nephew are arriving that evening.  So, it's a quick trip, but it should be good to see everyone.

Except that Bonnaroo is this weekend - and I've got to get past it to get to Atlanta, and from Atlanta home on Sunday.  Since it's just me, I may have Matt on stand-by to phone a friend for navigation.

Nothing is ever easy.  We* My sister planned this week because it's the one where my nephew won't be in summer camp - his summer looks way more fun than mine.  I need to do something about that, because I am way too fun to have a boring summer.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a long nap, too. Well, maybe soon...maybe while we're at the pool with Henry on Saturday.

* I don't plan, I'm just told to show up, and so I do.  Which might roll back to the thesis statement of this whole post.


Harry Hamid said…
I can relate. I'm sort of lazy, and I know that planning actually would allow me to be lazier, since it takes less time than the way I do things, but... oh well.