Stop me if you've heard this...

So, I'm going to tell you a little story.

My nephew was born 11 years ago today. Happy birthday, yes, of course.

But the real story is, I didn't find out until the 9th.

Now, my sister called me to let me know she was going to the hospital on May 8th. Henry was born about four hours later.

My sister called Mom, and asked Mom to call me.  But she didn't. It was 10PM, and Mom thought it was too late.

OK, never mind the fact that my father had been in the hospital for a few weeks after a heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass. And during that time, Mom called me often, regardless of the hour. But for the good news that my nephew had arrived, no go. She did call the nurses' station at the hospital and said that if Dad woke up during the night, could they let him know.

The next morning, my sister called and was surprised that Mom hadn't told me. She implored me not to be angry at Mom.

But I was angry. Really angry. I called to lay into Mom and she started in with the faux weepy "I'm doing the best that I can."  And because I don't like conflict, I dropped it and took doughnuts in to the office to celebrate.

While I dropped it, as far as my mother and sister went, it ate at me.  A lot.  And for a long time.   Scorpios can hold a grudge so tight it makes a diamond.
My grudge collection. I went to Jared!

So on May 8th, for many years, I was reminded of this event, and how hurt I had felt.

And then something happened.  Two years ago, I got a new job.

I started on May 8th, and now it is *my* day.  I have reclaimed it as my work anniversary.  It happens to be my nephew's birthday, but it marks a birth of a new career and a new life for me. It is no longer a day that looms with emotional baggage.

Don't worry, I sent my nephew a nice present. I love my nephew. I love him  (and my mother and sister) 365 days a year.  But now he has to share one of my days - I celebrate him.

But now, I also celebrate me.

And like everyone else, we do the best we can.



Monroe DeVos said…
It took you long enuf to get over it don’t ya think...?
Happy work anniversary but remember other great moments on this date:
- In 1360 Treaty of Br├ętigny signed by English & French, ending the first phase of the Hundred Years' War
- In 1784 the only know deaths by hailstones in the US
- In 1877 the first Westminster Dog Show
- In 1916 German munitions bunker in Fort Douaumont explodes killing 679 German soldiers
- In 1936 Jockey Ralph Neves unexpectedly revived after being declared dead after a fall. His wife faints when he returned to track