I've had two relatively restless nights of sleep in a row, and so my hope for tonight was a nice, fat, snoozy night with an early bedtime.

Now, that's not in sync with the dog, and she's the one who rules the roost.  So, I came home  after work and attempted to run her little hairy butt ragged. 

The problem is, our backyard has not been mowed yet for the season.  Typically, Matt handles yard work. And I take care of the stuff inside. Sure, it's a little bit old school gender roles, but it works. Anyway, he is on a work trip, and won't be back for a bit.

This might sound crazy, but I have never actually mowed a lawn before. I have used a lawn mower a few times, but it was always up in the mountains on an area that I could just kind of screw around with it. I never learned the whole process of mowing straight lines, or anything useful.

So, I looked at a YouTube video that showed me how to start our lawn mower. I went down to grab it out of the cellar, and in doing so, managed to lock myself out of the house.

Not to give away all of my secrets, but getting back in required a ladder, patience,  a random grill spatula, more flexibility than I typically possess and some serious huevos rancheros. Basically, second story break-in.

Smooth Criminal

Once I got that squared away, I put my theory into practice and started hacking away at the lawn. It looks like the work of someone who sucks at lawn mowing, but I knocked down enough grass that I feel a little less stressed about being *that neighbor*. 

Piper seems happy enough with it, and tomorrow, once we have lots of daylight, I may go back over some of it. Or not.

I am also going to get a few spare keys made.  I can hide them in useful places...

So now,  I think we'll both sleep pretty well.