Plus, If You Act Now...

I love a good April Fool's Joke. I rarely get the chance to pull them off.  This year, though - the stars aligned.

We found out last week that we will be relocating to a new office either late summer or early fall.  The location hasn't been picked yet, which worked to my advantage.

I posted photos of nine "potential new locations" with descriptions as part of the April Bulletin Board.  Which went up this AM:

Here are the descriptions (with a few of the pictures):

This former meatpacking plant in Germantown has it all:  a great location, lots of open space and the opportunity to build our new offices to specification!  The building has been unused since 1973, when their poultry processing division moved to a location near Dickson.

Don’t let the Manchester, TN address fool you!  This building is a quick hop down I-24.  Once a Hot Wings restaurant, the upscale chrome and glass will make a gorgeous workplace with plenty of natural light. 

This recently renovated warehouse turned office space in East Nashville is the latest in clean, modern design.  A five minute walk from Rosepepper Cantina, what this office lacks in charm, it more than makes up for in cool points.

It’s a little crowded at West End, but they have offered to build up and build out.  The city is allowing them to add five levels to the parking deck, and three floors can be turned into office space.  It will be fitted with noise reduction and air purification.  Plus, convenient parking!

Let’s “Chatt”.   There is a great deal on some unused space in Building Three at the BCBST HQ.  The cost of living in Chattanooga is 16.5% less than in Nashville, and housing costs are 44% lower.  Don’t say “no way” without a trip to the Aquarium!  And they have schools in Chattanooga, too.

If you think this site looks familiar, you’re right.  Much of the film The Green Mile was shot in this former State Penitentiary located in convenient West Nashville.  Sit where Tom Hanks worked his on-screen magic.  Ignore what you read about this “haunted” building – the only thing disturbing here is what a scary good deal it is per square foot.

The Airport Executive Plaza is, as the name implies, minutes from BNA.  As the name also implies, it is very executive.  And honestly, what are the odds that a tornado will hit it a second time?  Features a small coffee shop/snack bar on the first floor, and has several restaurants within a five minute drive.   Plenty of safe, convenient parking, lots of charm!  Onsite building management.

Uptown Funk!  Don’t believe me? Just watch.  This Church Street High rise has it all.  Windows, doors, clouds, hanging plants.   No elevator, but 17 flights of stairs is a small price to pay for a view like the ones you will have from this building.   No ping pong tables in this classy office!

Smyrna’s finest!   This space belonged to a former medical software development company that was purchased by McKesson.  In addition to the slide, there is an open air breakroom on the second floor, and plenty of meeting space (they are taking the beanbag chairs with them).  Good times never seemed so good.  Located near a cotton candy manufacturing plant, so free smells!

So far, I've had one person ask me if the high rise really doesn't have an elevator.  Uh, no...

Also, that tornado building is really real - and I really had my car totaled there by a tornado.

Take that, fools!



Christopher said…
Any one of these really could be a perfect location. I'm especially taken by the former meatpacking plant with at least one completely inaccessible balcony. Although I'm wondering why there'd be no ping pong tables in the uptown funk location. Aren't ping pong tables and milkshake machines essential parts of the new corporate office?
I just wish I'd known you were planning to close. There's a Waffle House near me that's been "temporarily closed" for about two years now.
A former Waffle House would be so much better than a former Hot Wings.