Do. Tell.

I found out a few days ago that there is an R&B/Soul station in Nashville. I don't know if it's new, but it's new to me.  It's 102.1 FM "The Ville" for those of you locally interested in that kind of music.

Anyway, the weird part is, once you get down south of Brentwood, into the Franklin area, you lose the signal and it turns into a Country station.

Which is hilarious and unsettling.

If we're being honest - most of life falls into those two categories, and often both of them.

I'm starting to see things take shape around me, and thankfully, I am keeping on with the keeping on.  Which is to say, they are "Allison Adjacent", but not "Allison Specific". 

I'll say this, I am ready for a few days of time on the deck with Piper.  And cooking healthy stuff, and blowing bubbles.

That's one of my new evening pastimes.  I bought three small bottles for a dollar at the drug store.  It was an attempt to see if I could channel Piper's attention to chasing something fairly innocuous rather than the assorted fauna in our back yard. 

Bad news, Piper has no interest in bubbles.  No curiosity, no animosity, nothing.  Like she's completely bubble blind.  It's weird.  But what I did learn is that I enjoy the calming aspect of controlled breath and watching the bubbles float around while Piper continues to tear around the yard like a trailer park tornado.

There might be a lesson in that.  The key is to float like a  chill, shiny bubble  while the chaos happens around you.

Maybe that's the lesson.

Or, you know, maybe it's just soap, glycerin, and hot air.

Why yes, I am still a little bit in a funk - thanks for checking in.

This weekend in Nashville, there's the NFL Draft, the St. Jude's Marathon, a Jimmy Buffet Concert, and assorted other events that are going to result in me staying at home for no small part of my Saturday, and possibly Sunday.    Which isn't bad.  I mean, the lawn needs to be mowed again, and there's always laundry and housework.  Always. 

But the weather should be nice, and my morning glories have started sprouting, and there are videos of goats in pajamas, and books, and silly games on my phone, hockey on TV.

All good things.