The Minute You Were Born

We had a knock on the door tonight.  It was one of the kids in the neighborhood - he's friends with my next door neighbor, so I know him only in that I see him around and I know he lives down the street.  He needed a ride to the high school - he'd missed going with the next door kid - miscommunication, and so he'd been knocking on doors.

I have to assume we were a last resort.  But I said I'd drive him, and I did.  He called me ma'am at least a dozen times, and was appreciative.  I remember what it was like to be young, rideless and screwed.

I wonder what it felt like from his side?  Were my questions annoying?  Does he now have a better opinion of me than he did a week ago, or am I just that middle aged white lady up the street?  At least I know his name now.  And told him mine.

There's a fine line between empath and sucker - I dance all over that line on a daily basis.

Dad would have done it.  I ask myself that from time to time.  He would be pleased.

Meanwhile, I am a few loads of laundry into the process.  I need a shower, I need to hydrate.  I need to get some groceries in the house and get cooking.

I was reminded today, via Facebook, that on this day in history, Dad and I saw the hundreds of Cedar Waxwings in their trees.  Well, of course, I think of Dad.

He sends me birds from time to time.  No, I don't believe in an afterlife, but I have to believe that there is a small amount of Dad-Energy floating around that somehow guides the birds into my path.  Not all birds, not all the time - but when I need them - every now and again.

Peace and chicken grease, y'all.



What questions did you ask the suckee?

I mean, if you're a sucker, that's he.