And a fine Wednesday to you, friends.

This week, like the one before it, is jam-packed with "stuff". 

Last week, I took a late flight on Thursday to Pensacola (airport code PNS, giggle, giggle).  From there, I drove an hour to Orange Beach, Alabama.  I checked into a Hilton Garden Inn.  Rundown, but clean.  I slept sporadically, and the next morning, attended a day-long class on Medicaid Enrollment, and took copious notes.

After the class, I drove an hour back to Pensacola - although, it was daylight this time, and I got to see sand and ocean, and now I want to go back to Orange Beach for an extended stay sometime.  I got to the airport and got a plane to Atlanta.  I met my sister there while she was getting her bag, and we picked my rental car and drove to Roswell.  I got a Hyundai Santa Fe - 76 miles on it, electric blue.  Hells to the yeah! 

We met Mom and Jorg for dinner at Hola!, and then home.  Matt arrived shortly after that, and we all went to bed.

The next day, after breakfast, manicures and some relaxing, we piled into my rental, and drove an hour and a half to Fayetteville, GA to see my cousin Sarah get married.  It was a gorgeous wedding.  Amazing flowers, pretty venue, lovely bride, great food, and some serious fun.  She was born when I was in High School, and it's strange to see her grown up and married.

One of the nice things at the wedding was a table with photos of people who were "gone but not forgotten".

This one caught my eye for a few reasons.

This is Sarah with my father.  It was taken on my wedding day.  In the far left, you can see the edge of my mother's light blue dress.

I love it of course, because it's Dad.  And because it's my wedding day, and because it was pure joy.

But I also love it because the day of Sarah's wedding was also the 5th anniversary of the day Dad died.

I wasn't morose about that.  I was aware of it.  Mindful of it.  And I made note of it on social media, but after that, I went on and enjoyed my day.

It was gorgeous. 

Hell, I was gorgeous.  I loved my dress, my jewelry, my shoes.  Ok, the shoes hurt like a mother, but they were so cute.  And my dress matched the rental car.  That's no small thing.

Anyway, we got home late Saturday night. Sunday morning, I took the car back, and we basically spent the day chilling and napping.  That night, we took Mom and Jorg to dinner in downtown Roswell.  Canton Street.  It's the main drag in downtown, and it is a little street full of cute shops and restaurants, and whatnot.  We went to a place called 1920 Tavern.  I had a drink - it was champagne, strawberry and elderflower. It was pretty and tasted good.  I had a short rib shepherd pie, and some snazzy dessert that included a maple bacon ice cream. As you may guess, keto has been suspended for now.

Monday morning, we took my sister to the train to go to the airport.  Early.  Really early.  I nodded off on most of the drive home, and when we finally got to Nashville, I felt awake-ish.  I went to get Piper from the kennel.  Then we went to Wags & Whiskers - we got her a bath, then came home, and all three of us napped for a while.  

At four, we met with our financial adviser, who was delightful.  We came home ate some dinner and crashed.

Yesterday, I got back to the office after a few days away and wrote all day.  I wrote a lot of different documents, and submitted them.  Emails, too.

Between now and Friday, I need to get food in the house for Matt, find Mom a suitable birthday present, buy kibble for Piper, launder and pack everything I need for my next trip.

Friday after work, I drive to Atlanta.  Sleep. Get up early, drive to the cabin.  Saturday is Work Day.  That night, I will take Mom to dinner for her birthday.  Then Sunday, I can drive home and collapse, do laundry, get food in the house and start over again.  

Which reminds me... I need to reschedule a hair appointment.

Like I said.  Jam-packed.  Now, with no keto!