We Sprang Forward over the weekend, and the first few mornings are always something of a hassle.

It didn't help that I woke up repeatedly throughout the night and couldn't get comfortable.  These things happen.  Thankfully, Piper was comfortable, and you really want a well-rested dog going into your work week.

She looks like she's ready to spring into action!

The nice thing about it is that we get more daylight.  I'm never going to say no to that.

And of course, can spring itself be far behind?  No.

I marvel at the passage of time.  Five years when you are a child is a life time.  Five years when you are my age is the blink of an eye.  There's your relativity, people.

Piper had her vet exam this weekend - she is completely healthy - no parasites, no heart worms.  She loves her docs, and so do I.   Some days, I wish they were my docs, too.

Anyway.  I spent the weekend doing house/life stuff, and it's all good.  I cooked a few really good dinners, and there are more in the works.  Yay, cooking.

Five years.  That's how long it has been since Dad died.  I almost typed that we "lost Dad", but in fact, I can tell you exactly where we left him.  And to that point, exactly where he left us.

The 23rd is the exact day, and we will be attending a wedding that day.  I know that the people planning it had no idea, and even if they did, so what?  My father was the first to tell you that life is for the living.  But I will take some time that day to do something special for my father.  Not the least of which is wrangle my family to this wedding.  I miss having a co-wrangler.

Obviously, time does wear down the edges on grief.  Not to say I don't miss him, I do.  But I live with the reality that he was very sick, and that were he still alive, that would be even truer.  His body gave out, but the things he gave me (tangible and intangible) and taught me stay with me.

That's enough of that, I think.

I watched two movies over the weekend, and enjoyed both a great deal - the first was The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.   It is a series of stories, and I like some more than others, but I must say, Zoe Kazan has my attention.  I think the Coens could spend the rest of their days making Westerns.  Although, I honestly like everything they do.  Hudsucker Proxy, O Brother, Lebowski...

The second was an independent film called The Florida Project.  The landscape was as bright as the subject matter was bleak.  Willem Dafoe was the only "name" in it.  It's an ambling little story that follows some kids and their summer in the low-rent area near Disney World.  Literally, bright stucco motels near the park where people live and survive.  The kids are free-range.  Their mothers are scraping by.  Everyone is a character, everyone has a story, and they all have so much going on that we don't even touch, but you know it's there.  It's one of those movies that you think about for days after.  It doesn't feed you answers. It feeds you more questions.

Maybe my tastes are growing up a little.

It's like when I learned to love beer. 

Here's a funny story. Right after I turned 21, I went to the package store down the street from my sorority house to buy some beer for a party I was attending.  Before turning 21, I did not typically use my fake ID to drink, I used it to get into places (and not drink).

Yes, I had a fake ID - it made the rounds of my sorority - it was a nondescript brunette that could have been any number of us.  Mary Louise Henderson. Once I aged out, I passed it on.  Mary got around, is what I'm saying.  But I rarely used her and was quick to loan her out to those who truly needed her. Also, I was 21 by first term of my Junior year, so I was one of the first in my year to age out.

Anyway, I'm 21 and a few days.  Because it is a Halloween party, I am dressed like Little Red Ridinghood.  And I walk into Five Points Liquor.  I get a six of PBR tall boys, and take it to pay.  The wall next to the register is covered with fake IDs that they have confiscated over the years, and the really bad ones are noted with post-its.  So here I am, ready to legally show my license for the first purchase at a package store, and they DID NOT CARD ME.  I was bummed.  I took my beer and went to the party.   The hostess and her roommate were dressed as Ren and Stimpy.  I saw a guy I knew in high school.  I left the beer with them.

I don't miss college.  I do miss my friend who threw that party.  I saw her when I was in South Georgia for work maybe eight years ago.  She got off Facebook, so now I send her a Christmas card and that's it.

So March on, folks.  That's what we do.



Christopher said…
A friend of mine who's less than a year younger than me used to come with me to the liquor store. And I always got carded at the liquor store.
A few days after my friend turned 21 he and I went in together and he bought something and didn't get carded. I asked the guy behind the counter, "Why didn't you card him?"
"Because I've seen him in here with you," he said.
Go figure.