Gadding About

Well, hey there.  Here were are and it's Thursday, and moreover, tonight is the first episode of the new season of Project Runway.

I am going to meet my friend Rosie and watch with her because, well, A) Hockey, and B) It's way more fun to watch with a friend.

Tim Gunn has left the show - BOO!  Zac Posen has left the show - BOO!  Heidi Klum has left the show - meh.  And Nina Garcia has stayed - BOO!

No word yet on Swatch, the Boston Terrier who "works" at Mood. 

It should be interesting. I will say that Christian Siriano used to annoy me in his season as contestant/winner, but he designs for women of size - including the delightful Leslie Jones - and so I am becoming a fan - certainly better than the ever orange, ever smarmy, ever in a navy blazer with a black t shirt, Michael Kors.

Since it's Pi Day, I plan to somehow represent -  thinking I'll make the Bisquick Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie for dinner.  It's not keto, but it's got to be marginally healthier than eating an entire Publix key lime pie.  Or pizza - and those were my two original thoughts.

Since the time change, I have noticed that the birds are back from Capistrano (or Waxahatchee or wherever) and they are LOUD.  L-O-U-D. 

I have also noticed that Piper is attempting to scale the fence in pursuit of a squirrel.  Since they are faster and perhaps a little smarter than their possum pals, I worry less about her bringing one in.  I'm not saying it didn't happen, once - it did - but I don't think it's all that likely.

Tomorrow is both Friday and payday.  I'm having lunch with a friend, maybe dinner one night over the weekend with another group - it's all good.

We were talking at lunch yesterday (yes, I eat lunch every day) and the topic of Tom Swifties came up.

Are you familiar?

Here's two of my favorites:

"I haven't got any flowers", Tom said, lackadaisically.

"I dropped my toothpaste", Tom said, crestfallen.

It's Pi Day, said Allison, crustily.

Celebrate, my friends!

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