Artistic License

Last night, I picked my way through traffic and went to the Shenanigoats Studio up north of town.  They have a new class you can take - paint a picture of a goat while you play with goats.  You know the drill - shut up and take my money!

Last night, there was Squee, Olive, Tarzan, Jane, Golden and Doodle.

Olive is one of the girls I got to snuggle back in October.  She is bigger, but just as snuggle-tastic.  Squee is so fluffy!  Tarzan and Jane are twins he's white with a little black, she's black with a little white.  Golden and Doodle were born at the Montessori school.  She has tiny ears - he has chin bobbles.  She likes to bite your fingers.  He is chill.

And I painted.  It was just what I needed.  I actually love painting.  I have to laugh, because the sample painting is usually pretty tame, with nice even strokes, good technique:

And then there's mine:

I honestly adore it. Shaggy, wild and charming.

Sometimes, you just need to get your hands working and making something with love.  I mean, I love cooking dinner, but this was a blast.

It's exactly what I needed.

And who knew?