Like A Rolling Stone

So, today, I went off the rails on my keto journey.  In a big way.  I ate a half dozen eggs.  Of the Easter candy variety.

Not this, but similar.

It happens, and it's over.  Tomorrow, I re-engage. 

Was it worth it?  No.  But that didn't stop me from cramming them in.  It's a stress thing.  We are having some repairs done around the house, and it's starting to get to me in a big way.  I'm not throwing all my dirty laundry out there, but house stuff drives me to eat.

Which I did.

Anyway.  These three guys came and fixed our gutters today.  I still owe half the money on it, but it was worth every penny.  We have some more things in the queue, but this one makes a huge difference.

I did at least 12 loads of laundry in the last 24 hours and most if it has been put up, and quite a bit of it also got put in a nice pile for Goodwill.

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a dress to wear to a wedding next month.  Which means I need to put down the creme eggs, and get my shit together.  With a little dedication and work, I should be good to go.  I need shoes, maybe some accessories, but I am on hold til the dress arrives - then I can make some other decisions.

Nothing really to say beyond that.  We are working hard on getting the house in order, and I feel overall pretty optimistic.  I just need to breathe, and take it one thing at a time.

And walk away from sugar, again.

You know, the usual.