Exciting and New? No.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  It has never been a major holiday in my personal portfolio of celebration, though, back in the day, I would take the opportunity on February 15th to purchase half-priced candy.  Russell Stover speaks my love language.

That said, it was a day of love.  One of my colleagues brought me some sugar-free chocolate.  Mom and Laura both sent cards - Laura's plays music.  Mom's had glitter. This may be a sign that they both hate me.  I got to teach a fun class at work.  Matt gave me some bath bombs, which smell delightful.  I decided to use one this morning.  It was red and pink swirl with a nice floral fragrance. 

Like this.
Here's the thing, though...

It turned the bathwater red.  And not a nice, full rich, romantic red, but the kind that made it look like I was bleeding out in the tub. 

I would have taken pictures, but there are things that even I, in full disclosure mode, have to protect my readers from. 

Trust me - you did not want to see this.  It smelled delightful, but the optics were hideous.  HIDEOUS.

Oh well - freshly bathed in pseudo-blood, I made my way into the office.

We are still working on refinishing the counter tops, and I'm starting to think we may never be done.  Today, I am also meeting a guy who is going to be giving us an estimate on some work for the house. 

Some days it feels like it's all just kind of a vicious cycle.   Throw money at it.  Fix it.  Then something else needs work.  Throw money at it. Fix it.  And so on, ad infinitum.

My cold is more or less just bouncing between chest congestion and sinus congestion.  I don't love it, but it's going to go away eventually.

I'm out of sorts, it would appear.

Keto seems to be working, slowly - and I think that's probably preferable to losing a ton of weight really quickly then rebounding.  But I have days where I'd just like to tear through a loaf of Wonderbread like a freight train through a small town.

No major plans this weekend.  I have a haircut tomorrow, then I'll be trying to get rid of some things in the attic.  I was up there last night and ran across some really, really old clothes - stuff from back easily 10 years ago, maybe more. 

I could use a pedicure, and I need to get some food in the house - since Matt was on the road, I mostly made do with what I had on hand.  And now, we're at a point where the kitchen is on lockdown due to the aforementioned counter refinishing.  So I need things that require minimal preparation.  It's a process y'all.  It's always and forever a process. 

I'll keep you posted on everything. 

But you knew that...



Christopher said…
I'm glad the Keto is working, albeit slowly, and I'm laughing harder than is probably appropriate about the blood-red bathwater. Supposedly the Countess Bathory of Hungary bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young and I'm sure that's EXACTLY what Matt had in mind.
And curse you for putting the "Love Boat" theme in my head.