Cure for the Common Old

I am definitely in the final throes of a full-blown cold.  It's not the end of the world, obvs, but it will wear you out a little.  My hope is that today is the last of the worst of it - I'm pushing fluids as much as possible, and I have some DayQuil on board, but honestly, I'd like to just check into a hotel and sleep for a few days.  Even better if it were in Cancun.  Or somewhere warm and beachy.

My garbage can is still MIA.  They processed the check on 1/31, so we are fast approaching the end of that 15 day window.  I'm fixin' to (as we way) call and raise holy hell with them.  A woman needs her access to throwing things away.

I had a mammogram yesterday, and that was about as much fun as they ever are.  I went for the 3-D version at the suggestion of my doc's office.  The process was no different.  Stand here, don't breathe, let me squash the living hell out of your breasts, sorry my hands are cold.  Uh, hey... maybe do something about that before you come in for the grab.  They make handwarmers.  Just putting that out there.

What can I say?  I'm feeling a little disengaged.  Medical health for women is just a grab bag of fun.  I mean grab and bag both in a fairly literal sense.

You do not want to know what's in this old bag.

OK, so I just called Metro.  And they said - 10-15 business days, which doesn't include Mondays, because they work Tuesday - Friday only.  What the actual fuck?  I lost it on the woman on the phone, who sounded as though she gave her last damn sometime in the mid 80s.   So who has two thumbs and another dump trip planned for the weekend?  This girl, right here.

The rest of the week is going to fly.  I'm facilitating a class tomorrow - a Lunch & Learn on writing... should be... good, I hope.  I love the material - I hope my audience does, too.  Friday at lunch, I have to bounce home to meet our roofer guy, again.  I'm about to lose my mind - just fix everything and let me pay you.  Peace out.

I realize I sound cranky.  I am cranky.  I'll uncrank, I promise.

Spring is coming.  I had a brief relapse into sugar - it was necessary and worth it - and I'm back in the saddle again.  My family is healthy, my dog is energetic and happy.  And didn't get booted out of Best in Show because a judge had connections with some breeders. 

What does it say about our country when a dog show is more ethical than, say, The Super Bowl.  Or our President? 

I should be able to get in some good rest this weekend.  I'm ready.  Sure, it's Wednesday, but if I stand on my toes, I can see the weekend.

And it looks endy.