Sometimes, I have a hard time shutting off my brain at night and going to sleep.  So, there are a few tricks I use and I thought I would share them.

Piper is a good sleeper.  She's also a great nap companion.

1.  Concierge:  I imagine that I am walking into a high end spa, and I let the concierge welcome me and describe the regimen that they have prepared for me that day.  Then I imagine the process of going through these treatments. 

2.  Story Time:  I have a few plots that I use to tell myself a story that I will never write because they are just too boring.  One centers around a luncheon being held at a pretty home in the early summer.  It's really just daydreaming about the home, table settings, who the guests are, and what kind of food they're eating.  This one takes up time because I have to name and imagine each of the fabricated guests.

3. Construct the Alphabet:  This one has a lot of variations, but typically, it's creating the alphabet with physical objects in my mind.  For example, I'll visualize a large A made from bunches of asparagus.  Sometimes, I'll add levels of difficulty by limiting the objects to food, or specific colors.

4. Making Lists:  I'll try to list things that I know and can recite with minimal angst.  State capitals, the sororities at UGA,  my Elementary school teachers. 

5. Alphabet Lists: This is one where I will pick a category and find a word for every letter in the alphabet.  So, for example - "things to wear":  Accessories, Balaclavas, Culottes, etc.  Or "items you would find at the hardware store": Drill Bits, Electrical Tape, Floor Wax, Gate Locks.  

6. Words: Here I'll set a rule and go through the alphabet with words that fit that rule - so, "words with a double letter": Happy, Inner, Jolly, Kitten, Llama..., etc.

7.  NyQuil:  One good swig and you're off to slumberland for a good solid eight hours or so.  Side effects include extreme lethargy for 12-18 hours after you wake up.

Sleep tight, folks!



Harry Hamid said…
I have recently started trying to get to sleep without anything to knock me out at night. I needed ideas for what to do if sleep doesn't happen on schedule, so these are going to be stolen and tested. Thanks!