Poetry Corner

The Break-Up

I used to love an M&M.
I’m through with them.

I always liked a Swedish Fish.
Not so delish.

My dear friend, Kit-Kat.
I’m through with that.

I used to snack on Twix.
Those went deep-six

The perfect cookie?  Chocolate Chip.
Gave them the slip.

Had me a fling with Sara Lee.
I had to flee.

Little Debbie used to be my gal.
See ya, pal!

Snickers, a delightful treat.
No longer eat.
A chocolate brownie used to send me.
Now I realize it’s the enemy.

For a tiny Tootsie Roll,
I'll no longer sell my soul.

Used to eat some cake and frosting.
Go, get losting!

That longing gaze I'd give a Butterfinger?
No longer do I linger.

Back then, I'd salivate over a s'more.

Once, I could eat a pan of fudge.
Now, I won’t budge.

I loved a massive bag of Oreos.

Never could say no to pecan pie.

Ice cream, custard, sorbet and gelato?
I think notto.

I used to want to live in Candyland.
Talk to the hand.

Once upon a time I would eat pasta.
La vista? Hasta.

I had a standing date with the potato.
See you late-o!

Bread?  I used to eat in quantities.
Sister, please!

I don’t even miss my salty snacks.
So, relax.

And lest you think that my willpower’s inspiring?
Just know, I’m liaring*.

*That is to say, I'm not eating these things now, but forever is a very long time.  Just saying.