So, the new year feels almost exactly like the old one.  I got the bulletin board at work done.  It is pretty basic.  It was the best I could manage this time.  I have my calendar for work.  I am waiting on the home calendar to be delivered - we got Preds and Zoo Animals - because that's what was on offer this year.

And of course, I'm trying to prep to start a diet next week.  Mostly by eating a ton of candy that we have in the house. This weekend I will take care of a cleaner sweep, and stocking up and cooking.

But this week, it's pasta and potatoes and bread and SUGAR. 

You know - throw a good bon voyage party.

We are easing back into a routine, which is hard - especially because I took so many naps over the holidays.

Just ordered a wedding shower gift for my cousin.  I love registries.  I always think it's interesting to see what people pick.  Personally, I like things with lots of color, but the trend these days is more of a neutral, clean look.  Well, to be fair, we got very plain plates for everyday because they make a pretty table.

Matt once described my aesthetic as "Pee Wee's Little Playhouse on the Prairie".  He's not wrong.  And honestly, it's not a bad look:

It's fun.

Come on in and pull yourself up a chair.


It's been raining for what feels like a month.  I'm way, way over it.

Everything here is good - I just need to get a little structure in my life.  I am getting a haircut this weekend - that's not a bad way to start.

More eventually.  I just needed to plow in and start on my 2019 blog contributions.

Be well and happy, y'all.