A Sternly Worded Letter

So, the city of Nashville is charging me for a new trash can after my 15 year old one went missing.  And I strongly suspect that since it went missing on trash collection day, the collectors took it and put it out of its misery.  It was so beaten up, it might have no longer

Anyway, I put the check in the mail - the memo line reading "trash can extortion".  Because why not?

I wrote my councilman an email, and I know I'll get platitudes, but at least I made my point.  And man, I was en fuego.  In fact, I feel really creative these days.  I feel like I am putting out some good stuff, and I feel good doing it.

The other high point of my day was cleaning out the coffee pot at work.  All this dark brown sludge came out of it, and it was highly satisfying.  I need to see if that makes any changes to the flavor of it.  Maybe not, but at least the inside of the pot is silver, not black.

We're about to get some seriously cold weather.  Maybe snow, but I kind of doubt it.

I started season two of Big Mouth last night - it is enjoyable.  I will probably crush the rest of it over the weekend.  I honestly think it might be even better than the first season. 

I need to watch more fun things on TV.  Time to set up my lady lounge upstairs.  I'd love to throw out a bunch of stuff, but I am going to wait to get my new trash can... in seven to fifteen days.

Some days, y'all.  I mean, for real.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my trashy life.



Harry Hamid said…
Maybe we have your trash can at my block of townhouses down here in Houston. I'm in one of four townhomes and we are gradually accumulating city trash cans. We're up top 12 now. I don't know where they come from.

If you send me the postage, I can send up to 6 of these two you for free. The extra recycle bins would be more...
Christopher said…
The question, "How do you throw away a trash can?" always sounds like a riddle to me, but it's one I've had to deal with a couple of times. I'm sorry you had to pay for a new can but I envy you for getting the old one taken away. I got a new one but can't get them to take the old one that's so damaged it's unusable.
On the plus side they continue to ignore my neighbor who insists on putting trash in his recycle bin. They just leave it even when he puts a big sign on it that says "TRASH".
Also, hey, how about that snow? The usual joke is going around the office that the grocery stores were overstocked on bread, milk, and eggs and had to get rid of the surplus.