Lookie, Lookie, Lookie

I enjoyed answering questions yesterday, so I thought I would answer a few more:

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Personally, I'm a Christmas Day girl.  But we are doing the blended family thing and they do their big reveal on the Eve, so - there you have it.  I had rallied for getting Cuban at our local place - their Christmas Eve dinner is delightful.  But you know, I got my way with spaghetti, so maybe Cuban another year.  Still.  Roast pork, garlic sauce, beans and rice, plantains.  That is just a natural.

What's the weirdest Christmas you ever had?

Jamaica.  Hands down.  This would have been 1999, so pre 9-11.  That's an important detail because my father had, in his carry-on bag, a Ziploc bag filled with frozen spaghetti sauce.  Tradition, remember?  We stayed in the cottage that was next door to the one my grandmother lived in when she lived in Jamaica.  It had a pool, a nice kitchen, plenty of bedrooms, and it was fantastic. 

As I floated in the pool that afternoon, we listened to the radio, and one of the announcers was doing interviews on the street and people were talking about the bustle and rush of Christmas.  Which, Jamaica is not known as a high pressure place, so I had to laugh.  It was that same day that Barney Rebble (whose real name was Mark) paddled his outrigger ashore and offered to sell us marijuana, which we did not buy. 

On Christmas day, I got my hair braided.  Not a good look, but I loved it. That night, our friend Graham took us downtown in Montego Bay to see the sights, and people were partying in the street.  Firecrackers, music, dancing.  It was amazing. 

My sister and her husband arrived the next day and we spent the rest of our vacation having fun.  We flew back on 12/31/1999 - and prayed that Y2K would not take down our plane. 

When we got to the airport, a limo driver spotted us and offered us a deal to get home - so Mom, Dad and I hopped into a large white limo with shit tons of mood lighting and headed home.  The driver was playing rap music.  Loudly.  He asked what we wanted to listen to and my father said, "Oh, we like rap!" 

That was a weird holiday all the way around.

Is there any Christmas music you like?

Quite a bit of it, actually.  I sang in glee club through all my schooling, so yeah - I love a lot of Christmas music.  I don't like anything over-produced.  I feel like a lot of Christmas music is unintentionally maudlin.  And remember, my years in retail exposed me to tons of terrible Christmas music for extended periods of time.  The songs about snow don't really resonate with me.  I love the song "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays" - mostly because it references Dixie's sunny shores and Tennessee.  And it's happy.  Jingle Bells is happy.  Feliz Navidad is super happy.  Blue Christmas is... well, it's up tempo.  I don't like the somber stuff.  Now, that said, I love "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "Hard Candy Christmas" because they aren't overly pious, they're about someone who is depressed about their situation but knows she can pull through it.    And of course, I love a good novelty Christmas song.

Like "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"?

Sure, or something way, way better.

This absolutely kills me every time, because it's just funny.

The Pretty Little Dolly

And then, there's this one:

Porky Pig's Blue Christmas - stick with this one til 1:59 - it's the reason for the season.

What is your favorite present you will be giving this year?

I can't tell you yet, but I will gladly share a photo once the reveal happens... tomorrow...


You know what?  Good point.  Here you go.

Several of my colleagues will be receiving the middle finger cookie cutter tomorrow morning.  It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Fleas Navidog!