Thoughts on the Midterms

Oh fuck. Oh fuck.Oh fuck.Oh fuck.Oh fuck.Oh fuck.Oh fuck.


What the hell is wrong with people?   Apparently, the majority of Americans are totally OK with the State of our Union and want to continue going off the rails of the crazy train.

So, here in Tennessee, we get Marsha Blackburn.  I'm ashamed to say that I'm actually surprised - but I was. I am.  I thought surely people would see her and her allegiance to Trump and run screaming.  But instead, that's an asset.  Bredesen didn't stand a chance. 

And we can't seem to go a week without some gun violence in a public place by a crazy person who feels his extremist ideals now have a mainstream platform.  And somehow, everyone has the audacity to be surprised by this.

So, I would expect that transgender folks are about to get a bad deal.  The sick, disabled, elderly and poor will have benefits stripped from their meager lives.  Women will have less options when faced with reproductive decisions. 

And people will continue to think it's OK to be loud, and mean, and hurtful toward anyone they don't agree with.

I just don't know y'all.  I try to be positive.

I have to hope that in all this horseshit, we'll find our pony.

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Come on, Donald - grab her by the...constituency.

I know I may alienate one or two of the three people reading this, but it's for your own good.

And mine.

I'll be back to my sunshine and lollipops later this week.



Christopher said…
I know I'm late but want to add my disappointment in Tennessee. At least in Texas, Florida, and Georgia the losses were close and, let's be blunt, in some cases very likely the result of voter suppression. Here, though, things are clearer, which makes it worse.
Over in Kansas people realized they made grave mistakes in their previous elections and changed course. Will Tennesseans learn? It remains to be seen.