No Way. Way!

I took the day off for mental health.  Matt and I went to vote - last day of Early Voting here in Tennessee.  We went to the Green Hills Library - a nice location in an affluent area. For mid-morning on a Thursday, it was jumping. And I say, GOOD.  Get out and vote - especially all you Bredesen fans in Tennessee, and Stacey Abrams fans in Georgia.   Sorry, I'm partisan.

As we were leaving, a Nashville Public Radio reporter asked if we'd be willing to do an interview.  And you know I'm a media whore with opinions, so, yeah... No idea if it will air, but the guy interviewing us, Tony Gonzales, seemed to be engaged with our conversation.

After that, we decided to do something a little silly - we went to the Nashville branch of Madame Tusseaud's Wax Museum.  I had never been to a wax museum before, and it was pretty engaging.  Given our location, it was heavy on musicians.  We saw everyone from Miley Cyrus to Billie Holliday, to Tim McGraw.  Reba, Trisha Yearwood, but no wax Dolly Parton (and she's a Tennessee native). 

It was a fun thing to do - very interactive.   My favorite photo is of me with my pal Robert Zimmerman.  We have similar hair and angst.

I did not put on makeup today.  We look equally waxy.

After the museum, we had lunch, then came home. 

I ended out the day with a pedicure.  I figure, why not? I can afford it, my feet needed some TLC, and I had the time.  So, I did some self-care, by allowing someone else to care for me:

I cooked a nice healthy dinner, and watched some hockey.  It has been a good day.  I feel good about it.  Now, I can go into Friday well rested, and I can have a productive weekend.

That is the plan.  It's always the plan.

If you didn't manage to vote early, vote on Election Day.

If you didn't manage to get a pedicure today, I recommend it.  Mine had paraffin.  I really like the paraffin.  

There was a lot of wax today, come to think of it.

Be good, y'all.  Good and plenty.