Chicken Dinner

Had a little pre-Thanksgiving confab with my therapist this week. I have some ongoing Turkey Day Angst, and it helped to talk it out.  Therapy.  Highly recommended.

In terms of prep work, I am slowly but surely putting everything into place. I have a tiny bit of grocery shopping to do, and my intention is to make pepper jelly tomorrow. That way, it can set over Thanksgiving and will be ready to gift in December.

We finished up Employee Appreciation Week on Friday.  I won, twice.  I got a raffle prize -a $25 gift card for Panera (et al), and then, I took 4th place in a contest to name a program that they're starting next year.  I didn't expect the name to win - of the three I submitted, it was my least favorite.  Still, 4th place was worth $100.  I'll do something good with it.  Probably something for the holidays.  The gift card I'll use for cookies for my cubemates, I think.

I met Jim for lunch today, and we discussed a little goodies swap with a few of us.  I need to decide what to make, though I am leaning toward brownies with candy cane icing, and maybe cheese straws or cheese biscuits.  Maybe toasted pecans.  You never know!

I started getting a few little odds and ends ordered for the holidays.  I have some pretty eclectic people in my life, and that requires preparation.  I need to decide what my nephew is going to get for Christmas.  Anyone want to chime in on what an active ten-year-old boy living in California would like?  Other than gift cards - that robs me of the joy of shopping.

I was getting my haircut this morning, and a woman who is also my stylist's client was there taking her mother-in-law for a cut. She told us she was taking her oldest to the toy store for her birthday, so of course I asked which one, and of course, it was Phillip's Toy Mart.  Of course!  We talked toys, their bunny display, and all sorts of other fun things.  She was nice.  My stylist told me that all her clients are very strong, successful women who put good energy out into the world.  Which makes me feel good.  I freaking love her.  I am glad I took the plunge this year to find a local.

In other news, I finally got back to the Red Cross today to give blood.  My BP was a solid 126/88.  Take that!  My hematocrit was a stellar 14.9 - and Jasper, the phlebotomist was lovely.  I have had some really fun conversations with strangers this week.

And friends.  I met Suzie and her wife on Thursday - they are in town from California.  We started at a speakeasy called Attaboy.  Highly, highly recommend.  Great ambiance, great drinks, great company.  We then went to a vegan place for dinner and ate a patty melt. I had never tried nut cheese before.  Heh.  Nut cheese.  I'm not quite ready to give up meat, but it was solid.

Image result for nut cheeseI will try anything once.  And plenty of things more than once.

I'm using tonight to chill and tomorrow, we get started again.  I am happy to report that I have my Trader Joe's stuff under control, so my grocerying tomorrow is of the more practical variety.

And that is my latest.  Maybe once we hit holiday mode I can amuse you with some fun stories.



Christopher said…
That's a fantastic shout-out to Philips Toy Mart, which is an amazing place. I swear it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside--it must be since it looks so small from the outside.
And I have a few friends in California--some of whom have children, some of whom are basically active ten-year olds in adult bodies. They might have some Christmas ideas.