Stroke of Genius

For one last day, I am 43 years old.  And I feel it a little.

In part because I spent a week away from Nashville.  A few days in the ATL, then a trip to Point Clear, Alabama for a conference.  It was exhausting.  Fun as hell, but exhausting.  A lot of laughter, good food and retail.

I am surrounded by fun and funny people.

The hotel where they held the conference was delightful.  It is, as one of my colleagues would say, "shwanky".

I had a view of a little duck pond.  I saw ducks, gulls, pipers, herons, pelicans, and egrets.

Egrets.  I've had a few - but then again - too few to mention.

My presentation went well - and we got to see some of the same folks from our Alabama Road Show of September.

I got to meet the bellhop cat, Patches.


I ate good food - I went to IKEA.

This weekend, I have a Halloween party, and a rendez-vous with some baby goats
Plus laundry, dog-washing, groceries and attempting to keep chaos at bay.

And on top of all that, I'll be turning 44.

The fun has already started.  One of my colleagues brought in two boxes of Russell Stover, and we have been hitting it hard.  I went out to lunch with a few other colleagues.  It's not a milestone, but it's good to be marking another year in the books.

No idea what 44 is going to bring, but I like it.  Whatever it is - I'm ready and I'm excited.

It's like a box of chocolates.  Sweet and nutty!