Spin Cycle

I am anxious. 

I mean, I'm usually anxious as a general state, but I feel, and have felt, particularly anxious for the past... 43 years or so?

Actually, just for the past few weeks, I have been ramped up a little.  No real reason.  But I am anxious in my dreams, and in my waking life.  And not constantly - but occasionally, it will creep up on me intensely out of nowhere.

It's just the kind of thing that Zumba would take care of, but of course, I haven't Zumbaed in ages.  And I need to be getting exercise.  I call BS on endorphins - maybe they exist, but I seem to be endorphinless.

I did find out that I might be able to go pet some goats next week - I'll keep you posted on that.  That might very well give me an endorphin rush, or at least some literal and figurative warm fuzzies.

I think animals are the best at alleviating anxiety - even better than big pharma - though I will say, maybe I just need a little increase in pharma.  I definitely need animals to pet on and love. 

I have a quick trip to the cabin this weekend for maintenance, and then I head to Mobile - so my own beasto will be back in the Nashville without me for a bit - she'll be fine, and ultimately, I guess I will be, too.  She has Matt, Matt has her - and they're good for each other.

I desperately need a massage, which doesn't alleviate the anxiety, but it does help the knotted muscles - a result of my anxiety (along with bad posture, sedentary life and so on).  I may try for that this week or next.

I have a birthday coming up - and I believe I will be celebrating at a Halloween Party - which suits me.  I have our costumes under control, which is no small thing.  This year we are going with simpler, and simple is better.  That keeps my anxiety at bay.

I'll be 44 in a little over a week - which hardly seems possible, and yet - here we are.  As I said today, I'll be four eleven year olds.  And my nephew is nearly eleven - so that gives some perspective.  Sort of.

Time flies, and it's always crazy when it does.

And even when it doesn't, it's still crazy.

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Yeah, I need some goat time.



You have goats...and you weren't fired last week. Blessings: Count them.