Highlights Reel

There are certain soundbites that come up in my head for no real reason.

The one that came up this morning was from Rocky and Bullwinkle:

Namely, the line,  "Is Stonewall Boris!  Hi you all!"

The other one that has been in heavy rotation as late is this:

Lord and Lady DOUCHEBAG.

It's weird what the brain will spit out at random - to that point:

The other night, I had a dream that I was driving and the steering wheel came off in my hands.  I may not be dealing well with my anxiety.

Last night I had a dream that I was at my sorority house planning for our 300 new members (!!!!!) to come spend the night. 

I also had a musical number where I was singing about an old classmate of mine.  I have musical numbers in my dreams pretty often.  It's a shame I can't write music in my sleep - I'm reasonably talented.

Allegedly, Charlie Chaplin was working on a film (I think City Lights) and woke in the middle of the night with an idea for a song - jotted it down and upon waking up, realized it was a song that already existed.  I have read this anecdote several times, but I cannot source it on the internet, which makes me question my sanity, such as it is.

Truth be told, I didn't sleep all that well last night  - in large part because I slept so much in small naps over the weekend.  It's a mistake I make nearly every weekend, and it's annoying.  Oh well.  We'll try again next weekend.

The weather has turned fall-like, which is to say, rainy and gray, with a little chill to the air in the mornings.  I am enjoying it.  Interestingly, I completed glossed over Oktoberfest this weekend.  My usual fellow fest-ers were otherwise occupied, and I had no intention of going alone.  It has gotten insanely crowded, I don't really drink, and it's a lot to take in with your senses not dulled with a few pints of beer. I'm at a point in my life where I'd rather sit on the deck with Piper and watch the squirrels go by.

I did make one social call, though - I met a friend's parents for the first time.  I think this is important, or at least it is to me.  I like knowing where people came from.  They were lovely folks and it was nice to meet them.   I also took them a cake.

Meanwhile, I need to consider Halloween.  I don't know that I will dress up for the office, but I have been asked to two different parties.  I can obviously wear the same thing to both, but I have to think about it.

I also have some more travel for work in the near future - which means packing wisely and well.  Which, I don't do.  It also means accounting for a number of possible weather permutations, and some variety of activities.  It's complicated.

Hope all is well with you and yours out there, people.

Be young, be foolish and be happy.